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Zoozo is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.



It might seem expressionless, but the animals are good friends of this gentle breeding robot, you see.

When you're coming to play in the Pop'n ZOO, by all means ask me a bunch of questions.

Zoozo, is a futuristic robot who works at the Zoo. He cleans up the Zoo, feeds the Zoo animals, and is able to cage certain animals inside of him to allow guests to interact with them more.


Zoozo is a breeding robot with a bush for his hair. His body is made up of a cage to secure several different zoo animals, and spinning limbs. Zoozo carries around buckets of food to feed the animals with.

NET Self

Attack (quivering) ♪ (フリフリ~♪ Furifurii ♪?)
Damage (dizzy) (オロオロ Oro oro?)
GOOD Play It's delicious (オイシイヨ~ Oishii yooo?)
BAD Play Friends (ナカヨク~ Nakayokuu?)
WIN ◎ 皿 ◎♪
LOSE × 皿 ×

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Against possible character in Phase 1
Located in the zoo

ポップンZOOガ 開園シタヨ
ミンナデ 遊ビニ キテネ
ゾーゾ タノシミニ 待ッテルゾ
テーマソングハ ドレニスル?
The Pop'n Zoo's garden just opened
Everyone should come and play
Zoozo's treating you to an enjoyable time
Which theme song shall it be?


  • Zoozo shares his birthday with Fuki and Ni No Maru.
  • Using Zoozo in a NET Taisen matchup against another Zoozo at least once will unlock the title Animal Minimal Animal-mal-mal.
  • On the title screen for Tune Street, Zoozo has Moffy in his cage.





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