Zizz is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 7.


不思議な術を使う幽霊紳士。趣味で作る人形は…まるで生きているみたいにそっくり! 最近は興味深いモチーフを見つけてご機嫌らしいよ。
A phantom gentleman who practices mysterious magic. The dolls he makes for a hobby are… no doubt alive! His latest has an interesting motif, and he found it to be pleasant." 

Zizz is the creator and puppeteer of Mebae and has created many other puppets as well, including four smaller dolls as an imitation of his own self, which can be seen in his Pop'n 9 FEVER! animation. He can also create illusions and false puppets of himself, as seen in his losing animations.

In Pop'n Music Lapistoria, Zizz has his own story, named Doll Collector Zizz.



Zizz's appearance is a pale green-skinned man with empty black eyes. His garment is an all-black suit, consisting of a long-sleeve coat, pants, and shoes. Zizz dons a black beret with a large red frilled ornament, a cape that fades to a purplish color, and a large, yellow bow tie. He hides his face with a half-divided mask, and frequently creates an eerie smile.

Zizz's 2P color palette has his attire entirely white, except for his pants and shoes, while the eye of his phantom mask is red and the rest of the sections are blue.

Darkness 2

Zizz's new attire is identical to his debut, but the bow tie and cape are absent and his hat is squared. Instead, it has a white frilled bow, yellow sleeve highlights, and yellow buttons.

His 2P color palette recycles the identical color scheme as his debut in Pop'n 7, but with a black color of his mask, red lips, and a light chartreuse color for his frilled bow.

Darkness 3

Zizz's attire is altered to be slightly fancier, such as a black, crescent-shaped hat with goldenrod laces, a black vest with a waist belt, a white shirt underneath, and a black cape that is tied with a powder-blue-colored button. The original color palette also shown in 終末の序曲 ~オワリノハジマリ~, in Pop'n Music Lapistoria.

The 2P color scheme for Pop'n 9 recycles, except a dark blue color is located in Zizz's bow and the sections of his hat, waist belt, and scepter are pale yellow.


In Pop'n Music 20 fantasia, Zizz appears in ALT 2.0's animations, as she has fallen victim to his computer takeover scheme. He is mentioned in Alt's accompying song DOES NOT COMPUTE where she describes him as a "masked gentleman".

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 9:
ポップンパーティはヴェネチアの仮面舞踏会以上に おもしろいと2度目の招待にご満悦みたい。
The Pop'n Party is more interesting than a Venician masquerade ball and his eyes beheld an invitation that brought him much joy.

Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE:
幽霊紳士・ジズのお屋敷では、不気味な笑い声と共に コレクションされた人形たちの舞踏会が夜な夜な開かれているらしいよ。
In his mansion which is a ghost gentleman, a dance of collected dolls seems to be held.

NET Self

Attack Notes (ご注意を Go chuui wo?)
Damage What's that (何てことを Nan te koto wo?)
GOOD Play All right (よろしい Yoroshii?)
BAD Play What? (なにを? Nani wo??)
WIN Huhuhu (フフフ Fufufu?)
LOSE Huhuhu... (フフフ… Fufufu...?)


  • Zizz's cameo in ALT 2.0's animations in A.I. Darkness show that Zizz is portrayed as an antagonist, and he is the one who is possessing ALT 2.0.
    • Taking in account of Zizz's hobbies and interests, he may have seen ALT as a big, metal puppet.
  • In Pop'n Music Lapistoria, despite gaining a new song, Zizz is one of the few characters to not receive a drawn portrait in the new anime style.
    • Oddly enough though, he did receive a new portrait, just in the original Pop'n Music art style.
    • This is also the case for Goku-Sotsu-Kun, Sora Hoshino, and Kagome.
  • One of the floating masks in Zizz's debut portrait looks like Otoko-Man's mask.
  • Zizz may take some inspiration from "Phantom of the Opera", a character who also wore a half mask like Zizz.
  • Bamboo's glasses make a cameo on Zizz's Great animation in Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.




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