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弓弦 Yuzuru
A dignified and handsome archery-unit ace

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Birthplace Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate March 13th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Sky blue
Hair Color Dark periwinkle
Hobby Horseback archery
Likes Courtesy, orthography, those who face each other in archery with a heart
Dislikes Visitors ruining concentration
First Appearance pop'n music ラピストリア
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) 蒼い弓箭
Designer(s) ぺぬ

Yuzuru is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He is a main, unlockable character in Hiumi's story, The Virtuoso of the Blue Bow (蒼き弓の名手 Aoki yumiya no meishu?), and wields a blue, diamond-shaped lapis.


As of the spring storm passing in the archery field, he sears the girls' hearts,
speaking of the archery-unit ace that the school is proud of ...

The tranquil and handsome archer, Yuzuru, is an attractive target of schoolgirls, and they won't stop squealing and flirting at his intelligent archery abilities.



Yuzuru is a fair-skinned man with a sky-blue hue for his eyes and long, dark periwinkle hair that is styled in a ponytail with a white arrow accessory. Yuzuru is respectively known to be a kyuudou expert, donning a traditional uniform that consists of a violet top with a light cyan part on his left arm and a brown jug-like shoulder part. He wears a brown yugake on his right hand, and a dark pale blue kilt on the bottom. Yuzuru wields a "yumiya" as his signature item. When he is riding on a horse, his extra accessory is a Retsuden-themed hat that matches his highlights.

Yuzuru's 2P gives him medium brown hair and violet eyes. His top is maroon while his pants gain a deep brown color. His bow is wrapped in light blue cloth.


Yuzuru creates a cameo on Roku's FEVER! Win animation, along with San and DTO.

Yuzuru makes a cameo in Ranma's FEVER WIN animation, where she is watching him practice, while he is blushing at her. Ranma doesn't even react flirtatious though.

NET Self

Attack Shoot!! (つらぬけ!! Tsuranuke!!?)
Damage I'm going to escape... (逃げてゆく… Nigete yuku...?)
GOOD Play As of the wind (風のごとく Kaze no gotoku?)
BAD Play Huh... (はぁ… Haa...?)
WIN Beauteous...!! (麗しい…!! Uruwashii...!!?)
LOSE I wanted to protect myself (守りたかった Mamori takatta?)


Yuzuru's name derives from the two, combined parts: "Yu" (?) means "bow", and "zuru" (?) is "chord". They are known to be as "bow chord", which fits for Yuzuru's signature design.






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