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オレンジの味 気持ちを察知して
交わす言葉 嘘の真実で
伸ばした手ほらね 触れるの
【feel my heart!】
【can you feel!】


ハイスピードで 口づけのあとに笑う

いつだって 最大の愛で


ハイスピードで 口づけのあとに笑う



aizu no DOOR wo tataku oto
hitsuji no mure ni BYE BYE shita
me wo akeru made no suubyoukan de

kiritotta DRAMA no ONE SCENE to
kasanaru kimi no WINK de
kyou mo sekai ga hajimaru

ORANGE no aji kimochi wo sacchi shite
kawasu kotoba uso no shinjitsu de
nobashita te hora ne fureru no
[feel my heart!]
kitto kokoro mo
[can you feel!]
motto futari nara

mawaru mawaru
33 no naka ni hari otoshite!
nagareru MUSIC wa
NOISE majiri no kakushinhan

kawaru kawaru
tokimeitara oto ga
HIGH SPEED de kuchizuke no ato ni warau

itsudatte saidai no ai de

mawaru mawaru
guruguru to me ga mawaru
naze ka
kimi no koto wo motto suki ni natta mitai

kawaru kawaru
tokimeitara oto ga
HIGH SPEED de kuchizuke no ato ni warau

nante yume no hanashi

English Translation[]

At the signal, knocking on the door,
I said bye-bye to a flock of sheep
In the moments before you opened your eyes

A cut scene from the drama and
Overlapping with your wink
The world begins today
Here you go!

Orange-flavored, I'm aware of your feelings
Lying between the truth of your words,
I stretched out my hands to touch you
[feel my heart!]
Surely, it's our hearts
[can you feel!]
The two of us, more...

Turn around, turn around
33 times, hands down!
The flowing music is
Noise mixed with conviction

One after the other,
I heard a sound
At a high speed, we laughed after the kiss!

Always and forever, it's the greatest love!

Turn around, turn around
Whirling round and round,
I want to become someone who likes you more

One after the other,
I heard a sound
At a high speed, we laughed after the kiss!

What's our dreams' story?

Song Connections / Remixes[]



Old banner.

  • ユメユメアラウンド~だってYou&Me~ is Shingo's first composition in BEMANI without sisi.
  • ユメユメアラウンド~だってYou&Me~ received a new banner on December 21st, 2015 to fix the length of the "ユ" character on its title.

Music Comment[]


Song Production Information[1][]


Hello! Makkachin kikaku, it is Shingo!
As always with the kidnapping from the PON's "Because I think I like Shingo-kun
Shibuya, Say hello in Shibuya system this time!"

We very appreciate your word,
Makkachin kikaku, I was allowed to offer the Shibuya-kei music which will be the first in the Pop'n!

I've asked vocalist AIRI, I have thought that I think we were showed also different one face is from the impression of Makkachin planning until now.

Before "shooting star Sonic" but I had also allowed to write at the time of, If you say that Pop'n in my scheme of "Pop'n = Shibuya-kei" is burn! And it is towering,
Its history to live up as, I also was going to Shibuya system at full power, or the challenge to be a variety of new, I think that I think I became interesting music!

Also of this time put only twice the rust by changing the taste, it is one of the big points in mine.

Even though the "shooting star Sonic" "A certain light in there" because through unchanged policy of "making music to cherish the melody" from the time of, If genre Chigae etc. me listening to Makkachin planning to surely now everyone, so we thought that or not it me like, by all means!
Best regards for Rie-chan- she's "dreaming around"!


This time, I was allowed to sing "Dreaming around ~Because of You&Me~"
I'm AIRI!!

I was encouraged for the first time to sing in Pop'n, but I'm really, really happy to have such a wonderful opportunity!

Usually, making Neo Glitter based pop band,
How can singing in a band called "Crush Express", or was a guitar pop, just to feel of the music there are many, here until the straight Shibuya in the first challenge!
Meanwhile it started Pop'n Music, because there is a lot of very nice music, if a song that I sang in it enters, went up is messed up tension!

When you got the story, "consisting of the best music!", But there was also of course self-confidence,
And the lyrics are also cute when you actually heard the song, too perfect for Rie-chan, I was surprised!
It is a very, very recommended song!!
Such a song to everyone and Pop'n fans, because the hyper happiness is thinking that you are able to PLAY, but please play by all means a lot!!

Round and around-♪

Staff Comments[]


Around~♪ Around~♪ It becomes high spirits when you are sometimes playing but it is the song that wants to skip where we end up shaking our necks.


Around~♪ Around~♪ The cuteness is going around my head from the song~!

Rie-chan appeared with cute, fun and new illustrations!


It is 3 songs from Shingo everyone take 20 in.

In shooting Sonic did not realize until there is

Then talk, and watching live than Shibuya of children! From Shingo.

It started from my first Pop'n Music

Pop fantasy or even j-techno, rap or even... But each person will

I'm thinking Pop'n Music of others are formed depending on what song it was.

I thanks for writing in the Meteor Sonic's comment

It was for Shingo "I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU"-that's how you are proving in this song.

If our generation was the neo Shibuya-kei and neo Shibuya-Kei or what?

What are musical fads at the time, but always is handed to someone.

I am happy when newborn children are listening to this song and create a future neoneoneo Shibuya-Kei

Difficulty & Notecounts[2][]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 132 443 670 979 200 301
éclale→Present 8 25 33 40 12 17




ユメユメアラウンド~だってYou&Me~ pop’n music éclale Original Soundtrack

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マッカチン企画 feat.AIRI 「ユメユメアラウンド~だってYou&Me~」

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