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Yululu is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


She focuses on the thought in her flower fortune-telling today, believing the day that meets again to her loved one.

A gentle Mongolian oral poetess.


Yululu is a young, fair-skinned Mongolian girl with dark brown hair that was in the form of two, lower braided pigtails, and matching eyes. Her traditional attire is a light honeydew dress with thick pale lavender accents on each sleeve and the bottom of her dress, and a dark mandarin orange waist belt. Underneath her dress is a pair of dark plum-colored pants and tan-colored boots. Yululu's accessories are a white, fur-coated sash and a magenta flower that she carries along.

Yululu's 2P palette colors her eyes and hair periwinkle. Her dress is salmon red, the belt is chiffon yellow, and her accents are platinum. Her pants and boots are re-colored as jade green and velvet red, while her sash is yellow. The daisy that Yululu carries is re-colored to be white instead of pink.

NET Self

Attack Here I go!☆☆ (いっけ~☆☆ Ikkee☆☆?)
Damage Uff... (うるる Ururu?)
GOOD Play Tee-hee! (てへっ Tehee?)
BAD Play Gloom... (ぐっすん… Gussun...?)
WIN Happiness~~** (幸せ~~** Shiwase~~**?)
LOSE Ooohh... (あうあうう… Auauu...?)


  • Yululu's birthdate is identical to Timer's, Chiyoko's, and Leon's.
  • Yululu is the second and last 秋桜 character to not become a pair of twin characters, after Shoko.



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