This article focuses on the Pop'n Music 4 character, Yuki
For the Pop'n Music 9 song, see 雪の華, for the Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪ license, see 粉雪, and for the REFLEC BEAT song appearing Pop'n Music Sunny Park, see 梅雪夜.
ユキ Yuki

Yuki 13

Yuki 13 2P


Yuki 2P

Yuki 13 IconYuki 13 2P IconYuki Icon
Birthplace Japan
Birthdate September 23rd
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Orange
Hobby Watching TV, collecting cosmetics
Likes Talent, celebrities
Dislikes Songs with weird lyrics
First Appearance pop'n music 4
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 13 CARNIVAL

pop'n music éclale

Theme(s) Disco Girls


Designer(s) p-cat (pop'n 4)

Chihi (pop'n 13)

Yuki is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 4.



A girl who debuted superbly on the increasingly trendy amateur audition show.

She is an unyielding, hard worker. The seniors who debuted like the same are targets!


Disco Girls

Yuki wears a bright purple dress with white fur trim, black boots, and a pink choker. She also wears pink gloves with white fur trim. Her eyes are teal and she has light orange hair, with her ends being dyed dark red.

Yuki's 2P slightly changes her attire, giving her a short black top with a black skirt. Her gloves and choker are red, and her hair is blonde with darker ends. Her eyes are light periwinkle.


Yuki sports a strapless dress, with the top half being white and the lower part being light blue with sheer purple lining. Underneath she wears purple leggings. Her bracelet, necklace, and heels are all white, and she also wears sunglasses on her head. This palette is used again in pop'n music éclale for albedo.

Similar to her original 2P, Yuki is given blonde hair, periwinkle eyes, and black attire. The lining of her dress is light blue, and her leggings are white.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL:

This time, YUKI is the teen fashion leader!
Like she became pretty increasingly.

NET Self

Attack Yahoo (やっほー Yahhoo?)
Damage Nooo (いや~ん Iyaan?)
GOOD Play Ahaha☆ (うふふ☆ Ufufu☆?)
BAD Play Huh? (あれ~? Aree??)
WIN Look, look~ (みてみて~ Mite mite~?)
LOSE Awful! (ひど~い! Hidoii!?)


  • Yuki's birthdate is identical to Mint's.





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