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YODO=DOZEN is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.



A person who operates during Omagatoki. Within the gaps of history and recollection. He spends his days wandering and speaking in a forgotten language.


NET Self

Attack Be~a~ns (お~ま~め O~ma~me?)
Damage *glare* (キー Ki?)
GOOD Play Hehehe (ふふふ Fufufu?)
BAD Play Hmmm... (むむむ Mumumu?)
WIN Ehehehe (イッヒッヒ Ihhihhi?)
LOSE He... (ふ・・・ Fu...?)


 TOWN Mode

ひと~つ ひまつぶしに
ふた~つ 不思議な話を
み~っつ みなまで言いませぬ。
One: To kill time
Two: I shall tell you a mysterious story
Three: But I won't tell you everything
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  • Yodo-Dozen shares his birthday with Kasuga Sakiko, Flamme, Flora, and Raizou.
  • According to shio in his character comment, Yodo-Dozen was based off of an old concept design for MZD Mommy.
  • Also, shio mentions that the "DOZEN" in Yodo-Dozen's name is just his way of sneaking the number 12 in the game.
  • The Bon Festival (お盆 Obon?) is a Japanese Buddhist custom dedicated to honoring the spirits of one's ancestors. This holiday starts on August 13 and lasts until August 16th.


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