Yakko-chan is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.



She ends up healthy by giving special medicine to tired people.

The gulp protects capacity and usage★BeHappy♪


Yakko-chan has neck-length, hazel-colored hair and violet eyes. She has a cap with a fuchsia section, as well as a gray eye patch with an eye closed on her right eye. Her top features are a gray shirt with a fuchsia-colored "dead" icon, white gloves, and a matching backpack. Yakko-chan also dons matching strap sandals.

Yakko-chan's 2P color palette gives her fuchsia eyes that matches her additional stockings and sky blue hair, as well as a yellow cap with a white section, which matches her icon on her light silver shirt and her backpack.

NET Self

Attack It's medicine! (お薬だよ! Okusuri da yo!?)
Damage You're using it too much! (飲みすぎたぁ Nomi sugitaa?)
GOOD Play (gulp) (ごっくんちょ Gokkun cho?)
BAD Play Oops! (おっとと~ Ottoto~?)
WIN Eat up. (ぱくぱく Paku paku?)
LOSE Help! (たすけてぇ~ Tasuketee?)


  • Yakko-chan shares her birthdate with Ayame, F-Train, Daiki.
    • Yakko-chan's birthdate resembles Children's Day from Japanese.



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