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Wild is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.


With cold eyes hidden behind his sunglasses, his name is... a cyber policemen MOVIE releasing to the public this year, advance tickets are on sale![1]

Character Information[]

After an animal turned into a fighter, robo-tank modifications, as well as some complications in the idea of a racing car stage, 96 recommended that he be a strict Hollywood action star.
There are surprisingly little strict Pop'n characters(?),
Unchanging expression, wearing a black tank top every day, non-fluttering hair and mind...
We hope with peace in mind that Poppers want a cool character.



Wild is an android that takes the form of a suntanned, bulky American man with a blonde crew cut. His robotic arms are open and are similar to the designs from the Terminator franchise. He dons sunglasses, a dark gray tank top with matching leather shoes, a black chipped leather jacket with matching pants, a belt and a metallic cover on one side of his head. He is often seen riding a motorcycle and his expression rarely changes. In his Dance animation his metal form is revealed, along with a portrait view in his FEVER! Win animation.

Wild's 2P recoloring gives him blue hair, a light complexion, and cerulean skeleton. His sunglasses are yellow, his shirt is gray, and his entire attire red.


Wild appears in Wakuwaku! Pop'n Manga episodes #440 "Get Past the Gravity!" and #472 "Roman Hero."

NET Self[]

Attack The target's YOU! (標的はお前だ Hyōteki wa omaeda?)
Damage Why would you betray me...! (裏切りか…! Uragiri ka...!?)
GOOD Play It's my job! (俺の仕事だ! Ore no shigotoda!?)
BAD Play No way...! (まさか…! Masaka...!?)
WIN No mercy (容赦しないぞ Yōsha shinai zo?)
LOSE Is this the answer (これが答えか Kore ga kotae ka?)

Production Notes[]

From the AC16-17 character book

Sunglasses 左目にある丸いカバーとつながっています。 左目の目にかける部分は省略。
Next to the left eye is a round cover. It's an optional part for the left eye.
Clothes ソデを破った皮ジャンにタンクトップをIN。
A tank top in a leather jacket with the sleeves ripped off.
Some muscle can be seen through the skimpy tank top.
Handle 全体のシルエットがニの形なら,ハンマーやトリガーガードなどは省略して下さい。
In case the overall silhouette is put into two, you can get rid of the hammer, trigger guard and all that.
Shoes 先っぽ上向きの革靴です。
The tips of the leather shoes are pointy.
Bike カスタムバイクです。

It's a custom bike.
Please omit the (?) from the animations.
I made the drawing fill this section.
Please give the wheels and tire this kind of touch while they're moving.
No mark of the gasoline tank.

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode[]

Phase 2, competition

I don't accept such requests
Just one, only that game!


  • Wild shares his birthday with Goemon, Fuka A and Tsubaki.
  • Wild's birthdate is the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger's.
    • Wild is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, for the most part his appearance as the T-800 in the Terminator franchise. Wild's motorbike and shotgun as depicted in the artworks and animations, are a direct reference to the bike chase scene in Terminator 2.
      • The title of the movie and song Wild stars in, "Commando," is also the title for one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies. Wild might also draw inspiration from Duke Nukem.
  • Detroit City and cyber policemen may also suggests a Robocop inspiration.
  • Selecting Wild more than five times in NET Taisen mode unlocks the title "Becoming No.1 All Over America as Soon as Possible!!!"