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Whip is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


Today as well, she whips in high spirits♪ They say she flies in the sky on the clouds she makes!
Though it seems that once in a while, she'll fall down and spill everything...

Whip is a hyper, sheep-like humanoid who hates to be kept still. She likes all kinds of fluffy things, and is usually seen with her whisk and bowl, whipping up clouds in the sky.


Whip takes an appearance of a young, sheep-like humanoid with cyan eyes, ram horns on her head, and whipped cream everywhere on her body. Whip has a baby blue-colored "ahoge" (cowlick which sticks up) on her whipped cream covering. She wears a lavender-colored mini dress with an extremely light blue stripe on the bottom, gloves with an identical color to the stripe, and lavender knee-length socks. Underneath her dress is a pair of white "pumpkin bloomers". While revealing her face, Whip is shown to have two hair colors, as a baby blue color fades to lavender on half of her hair. She also has a little pink tail on the back of her bloomers.

NET Self[]

Attack Let's go! (いっくぞー! Ikuzo-!?)
Damage Me~h! (ふえ~ん! Fue~n!?)
GOOD Play I did it! (やった! Yata!?)
BAD Play Awww (ううっ ?)
WIN Ya---y! (わーーーい! Wa---i!?)
LOSE Ee~~h! (ぴえ~~ん! Pie~~n!?)

Other Character Comments[]

Change Card Character Profile:[]


She went to the sea today~Surrounded by dolphins and sheep made of clouds, Whip seems to be very happy♪