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Weiss is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He is a main, unlockable character in Fuga's story, The Identity of the Insurance Doctor...? (保険医の正体・・・? Hoken-i no shoutai...??), and wields a white, pear-shaped lapis.


This man is a doctor who was once called darkness
Unable to atone for the past, the neverending darkness covers the present as well...

Weiss works as a clinic around the Pop'n school, and remarkably knows Black very well; Weiss did aid him once. He is a careful character, giving out a suspicious sense of Jade's personality.


Weiss is a tall man with dark orange eyes and long gray hair, tied back into a ponytail with bangs in the front. His attire consists of a black turtleneck jumpsuit with gray sections on the legs, gray fingerless gloves, black shoes, and two crossed bands in the front. Over his outfit he wears a white doctor coat, as well as a white headband and headset.

Weiss' 2P palette gives him deep blue hair and green eyes. The colors of his jumpsuit are inverted, with the suit being light gray with black sections on the legs and black bands on his chest. His coat is olive green, and both his headband and headset are black.


Weiss makes a cameo in Black's Lose animation in Lapistoria, wearing his normal attire.

NET Self

Attack Take this!! (食らえッ!! Shokurae!!?)
Damage Still not enough!! (まだだッ!! Madada!!?)
GOOD Play I'll save you (救ってみせる Sukutte miseru?)
BAD Play It's also dangerous here (ここも危険か Koko mo kiken ka?)
WIN Let's fight together (共に戦おう Tomoni tatakaou?)
LOSE Medical (メディカル Medikaru?)


Weiß, normally spelled as Weiss without the sharp S, is German for white.


  • Weiss' birthdate is identical to Ashley=Boa's and Lazuli's.
  • Black creates a cameo in Weiss's FEVER! and Win animations.
    • Retsu also appears as a patient in Weiss' FEVER! Win animation.
  • In Weiss's FEVER! animation, it seems like that Weiss's left leg is robotic.
  • Weiss shares the white pear with Elenoa.
  • On early development, Weiss was planned to be the character for 戦場のアップデート; however, he was replaced by Elenoa in the finalized version of Pop'n Music Lapistoria. Despite of this, the early development banner was uploaded.