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Some parts of this article are untranslated!
Watashi no Papa wa noumudaijin needs its song production/character information, music comment(s), net self lines and/or staff comments translated.


 たこ たこ たこ やき ぱこーん
 たこ たこ たこ やき ぴかーん
 「わたしのパパは のうむだいじん
  いつかわたしも のうむだいじん」
 キララ ひかる パパのくるま
 ピーチク パーチク うたう ことり
 パパドン パパドン パパ だいじん
 パパドン パパドン パパ おやじ
 パパドン パパドン パパ すてき
 パパドン パパドン
 ママドン ママドン ママ だいじん
 ママドン ママドン ママ いくじ
 ママドン ママドン ママ きれい
 ママドン ママドン
 パパパパパーン ヘイ

 tako tako tako yaki pakoon
 tako tako tako yaki pikaan
 "watashi no papa wa noumudaijin
 itsuka watashi mo noumudaijin"
 kirara hikaru papa no kuruma
 piichiku paachiku utau kotori
 ※papa don papa don papa daijin
 papa don papa don papa oyaji
 papa don papa don papa suteki
 papa don papa don
 ※mama don mama don mama daijin
 mama don mama don mama ikuji
 mama don mama don mama kirei
 mama don mama don
 papapapapaan hey

 Tako-tako-tako-yaki, munch!
 Tako-tako-tako-yaki, glitter!
 "My papa is a presence minister.
 Someday, I will also be a presence minister."
 Sparkling and shining is my papa's car.
 Flickering, blinking and chirping are small birds
 ※Papa-don, papa-don, papa's a minister
 Papa-don, papa-don, papa's my daddy
 Papa-don, papa-don, papa's wonderful
 Papa-don, papa-don,
 ※Mama-don, mama-don, mama's a minister
 Mama-don, mama-don, mama's my mommy
 Mama-don, mama-don, mama's pretty
 Mama-don, mama-don,

Song Connections / Remixes[]



  • わたしのパパはのうむだいじん is one of the Stage 1 unlocks of pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE's Dai ikkai pop'n eiga matsuri (第1回 ポップン映画祭) event. It could be unlocked from April 28th to July 8th, 2009.
  • わたしのパパはのうむだいじん's Standard NORMAL and Battle HYPER charts have their notecounts tied.
  • わたしのパパはのうむだいじん is the second song to be sung by a child, after 僕の名前は勇気 ~鈴木歯科クリニック編~.
  • わたしのパパはのうむだいじん is available as of December 16th, 2020 in pop'n music Lively as part of the pop'n music Music Pack vol.1.

Music Comment[1][]

Let's dance with papa together in techno. I am also aiming to be agriculture minister!

Song Production Information[]


I would like to greet the vocal track as our special guest this time!
The groove was exactly conscious to a club scene!
I won't let go of you to the special melody that gained conscious to the time stream!

Staff Comments[]

Papa Papapapapa
I want takoyaki ○○○○☆
Riding her parents' coattails ★★★★★★★
Drill hair ★★★★★
Resignation ★★★★☆

Film Festival[]

Temporary title "Political Fantasy"
10 days

Mimi 新しい映画の製作発表が行われたようです。
It seems a new movie's production has been announced.
Nyami 今回の作品は政治ファンタジーとのことですが…
I see this work's a political fantasy...
Mimi あまり耳慣れないジャンルですね。
What an unfamiliar-sounding genre.
Nyami そうですね。どんな映画になるのか非常に楽しみです。
Right? I'm looking forward to whatever the movie will offer.

20 days

Mimi 新しい映画の主題歌が決定したもようです。
We're getting the theme song for the new movie next.
Nyami 担当アーティストは秋山巴美とパパドンドンさんです。
The artist in charge of it is Akiyama Tomomi and Papa Dondon.
Mimi ポップン初登場ですね。パパドンドン…?
This is his first time in Pop'n, right? Papa Dondon...?
Nyami たしかに気になりますパパドンドン。それではまた。
Oh, don't worry about him. See you.

30 days

Mimi 新しい映画の舞台挨拶が行われました。
A stage greeting for the new movie just took place.
Nyami お、おじょうさま!?しかも「私が大臣」って…
A p-princess!? Even said "I am a minister"...
Mimi 後ろの方々はSPでしょうか?それとも執事?
And would that be the security behind her? Or butlers?
Nyami う~ん…ますます目が離せません!
Hmmm... all their eyes are on me!

40 days

Mimi 新しい映画「わたしのパパはのうむだいじん」の予告編が公開されました。 
The trailer to the movie "My Papa's an Agricultural Minister" has been published.
Notice narration パパと私の新感覚ポリティカルムービー『わたしのパパはのうむだいじん』
My dad and I's all-new political movie "My Papa's an Agricultural Minister"
Nyami のうむだいじん…おじょうさまはまだ大臣ではないみたいです。
Agricultural minister... that princess just isn't a minister.
Mimi パパが大臣なんですね。将来的にはパパのポストをねらっているのでしょうか?
Her dad is, though. Will it go to his post later?
Nyami そうかもしれませんね。まもなく公開です!
That could be true. It'll be released to the public soon!

Difficulty & Notecounts[]

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia, and 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards.

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 247 366 729 1105 293 366
THE MOVIE 11 15 29 37 11 14
Sengoku Retsuden→fantasia 11 15 ↓28 37 11 14
Sunny Park→Present - 21 34 43 11 14
pop'n music Lively - 21 34 43 - -




TECHNO CHILD 「わたしのパパはのうむだいじん」