Wacky is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 5.


The leader of a popular GS band who grabs the hearts of young ladies☆
Many girls faint at his sexy and flirtatious glance!


Neo GS

Wacky's major appearance is a fair-skinned, tall man with simple black eyes. He wears his black hair in a bob. His attire is marching band-inspired, with orange sleeves on a red uniform with a white belt and rank cords. He wears light-blue pants and white shoes that has a pointy tip is each. Wacky accessorized himself with a colorful scarf that consists of the colors pink, purple, and orange. This is seen again in Sampled Glitching from Pop'n Miracle 4 and Slink Panther Lady from Pop'n Miracle iOS.

In his 2P color palette, Wacky's hair color shifted into a maroon color and his eyes are green instead of black. His sleeves are plain white, while his uniform presents a dark teal color. His pants shift to yellow. His belt and shoes remain the same color, while his scarf becomes pink, white and blue colors.


Wacky appears in Really's FEVER! Win and Lose animation with following Kiddy & Sunshine Lovers characters, Prince M and W.B. Rose, wearing his debut attire.

NET Self

Attack Babe ~ (ベイベ~ Beibe ~?)
Damage Oh! (え~っ! Eeh!?)
GOOD Play Baby ☆ (ベイビー☆ Beibī ☆?)
BAD Play Aah (ああん Ān?)
WIN Come on ☆ (カモーン☆ Kamōn ☆?)
LOSE Goodbye ☆ (グッバイ☆ Gubbai ☆?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Hi, little kitten.
Are you enjoying Pop'n Music?
If you are, I'm so glad ☆
Everyone's smiles are the best.


Wacky is named after Jun Wakita (commonly known as wac), a long-time sound data analyzer and head/co-head sound director of several Pop'n Music games.


  • Early Pop'n Music 5 sketches show an unused character for Neo GS named Sebastian, with brown hair, purple glasses, and a red band-themed outfit.





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