W.B. Rose is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 6.



He is the charismatic band's vocalist who wants to captivate fans in this troubled, distinctive world. The transcendental ideas of morality and sex seem to be tough once it fits into a deep appeal.


New Romantic

W.B. Rose is an extremely skinny redheaded man with caramel and green streaks in his hair. He wears sunglasses, purple lipstick, a large black top hat embroidered with a rose, a black star necklace, various rings on both hands and occasional peacock feathers. Rose dons a magenta open-chested leotard, a bright red sash, black flared pants with magenta sewing, black British-style high-heeled pointed shoes and black knee highs with a gold flare.


W.B. Rose, along with other Kiddy & Sunshine Lovers character, Wacky, and Prince M, create cameos on Really's Lose animation.

NET Self

Attack Fascination spell (魅惑の呪文 Miwaku no jumon?)
Damage Baby... (ベィベィ… Beibei...?)
GOOD Play Yes! (イェス! Iesu!?)
BAD Play Nooo (ノーゥ Noou?)
WIN Glamorous (グラマラス Guramarasu?)
LOSE So bad (ソーバッド Sōbaddo?)


Shio states that the abbreviated part of W.B. Rose's name stands for William Blake, a famous British poet from the Romantic age.


  • W.B. Rose shares his birthday with Kabab, Kobe and Misaki.
    • W.B. Rose's birthday coincides with William Blake.
  • W.B. Rose's appearance is based on Maxwell Demon from Velvet Goldmine and, by extension, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust character.





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