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Utacchi (うたっち?) is a 2010, Japanese music/rhythm game, developed by Konami and Bemani. Utacchi was set to be released on Nintendo DS in February 25, 2010, and it was mainly one of the spin-offs of the Pop'n Music series. It's motto was "Touch in Utacchi, sing in Utacchi" (タッチでうたっち 歌でうたっち Tacchi de Utacchi, Uta de Utacchi?).


Utacchi have similar gameplay as Pop'n Music; however, Utacchi only have four notes (red, blue, green, and yellow), and they are themed as frogs and droplets. When the notes fall to the bottom, the player have to tap the note with the DS stylus.

  • Red note-The player may touch the note easily.
  • Yellow note-The player has to flick the stylus on the note.
  • Blue note-The player can hold down the note during this.
  • Green note-The player has to scratch the note with the stylus.

Each note correspond to a part of the vocals of the song. Each song has two difficulties: Easy and Hard, with the exception of 5-Line mode which has only Hard difficulty.


In the Candy Kingdom, the gluttonous frogs' "touches" are largely breeding.
In this state, the Candy Kingdom is eaten in whole by them, and that the candy and songs are "touches"!

As the bad news is here, the increasingly popular K-SUKE and Nattsun's reach their sources.


Original Characters[]

Music List[]

Initial Song List[]

Song Artist Character
Dreamin' (ステレオポニー) risette (Swedish)
創聖のアクエリオン (AKINO from Bless4) White-Merry
空色デイズ (中川翔子) Lotte* (Jewelry Rock)
ブルーバード (いきものがかり) Kagome (Emo)
踊るポンポコリン (B.B.クイーンズ) Pierre & Jill (Pico Punk)
残酷な天使のテーゼ (高橋洋子) Kagome
ロコローション (ORANGE RANGE) NICKEY (Hoken Rap)
はじめてのチュウ (なぞなぞパパ) Rie♥chan (Lounge Pop)
アンパンマンのマーチ (ドリーミング) B-kun
曇天 (DOES) (Hip Rock)

Unlockable Songs[]

Song Artist Character Cost
気分上々↑↑ (mihimaru GT) LISA (Hyper J-Party Rock) 1800 points
素直になれたら (JUJU feat. Spontania) Charlotte 2200 points
絶望ビリー (マキシマムザホルモン) NICKEY (Hoken Rap) 3000 points
全力少年 (スキマスイッチ) HAYATO (Hipunk) 1500 points
そばかす (JUDY AND MARY) White-Merry 1800 points
ハッピー✩マテリアル (麻帆良学園女子中等部2-A) SPACE@MACO (Suki Suki Song) 2600 points
遥か彼方 (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION) HAYATO (Hipunk) 1800 points
亡國覚醒カタルシス (ALI PROJECT) Charlotte 3000 points
ニホンノミカタ -ネバダカラキマシタ- (矢島美容室) Pierre & Jill 1800 points
A Perfect Sky (BONNIE PINK) Flow Flow (Flow Beat 3P) 1500 points
CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (影山ヒロノブ) Timer (Cyber Digibeat) 1500 points
My SunShine (ROCK'A'TRENCH) HAYATO (Hipunk) 2600 points
One Night Carnival (氣志團) (Hip Rock) 1500 points
Pray (Tommy heavenly6) Lotte* (Jewelry Rock) 1200 points
STRENGTH. (abingdon boys school) Ice (Get Wild) 1800 points
*~アスタリスク~ (ORANGE RANGE) Flow Flow (Flow Beat 3P) 1800 points
Konami Originals
凛として咲く花の如く 紅色リトマス KANOKO 4500 points
花吹雪 ~ IIDX LIMITED ~ S.S.D.FANTASICA feat. ユッコ KANOKO 5000 points
NoN-Fiction Story! Creative Life SPACE@MACO 4500 points
UNLIMITED NMR Ice (Get Wild) 4000 points
MIRACLE FLYER!! TЁЯRA LISA (Hyper J-Party Rock) 4000 points
GIRIGILI門前雀羅 Cheki-ROWS NICKEY (Hoken Rap) 4500 points
cobalt Des-ROW・組スペシアル HAYATO (Hipunk) 5000 points
ポップミュージック論 ギラギラメガネ団 NAKAJI 5000 points
CURUS D-crew Flow Flow (Flow Beat) 3600 points
エンプティ マイ ハート ビンビンWAVES Ice (Get Wild) 3600 points
あつまれ!ビーくんソング B-crews B-kun 4000 points
星空に誓うロマンス 達見 恵 Rie♥chan (Lounge Pop) 3600 points
High School Love DJ YOSHITAKA feat. DWP SYO 5000 points


Utacchi (うたっち?) is a Japanese portmanteau of uta (うた?), meaning "song", and tacchi (たっち?), a simple translation to "touch".


  • Although Utacchi is a spin-off, this is the first Pop'n Music game, that will be released on Nintendo DS.
  • This is the second to have several of TV/Anime licenses, close to Pop'n Music Animelo and Pop'n Music Animelo 2, which have the most licenses.







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