am i the only one here who knows the obvious reason behind it?

up until pop'n music sunny park, pop'n music was basically made for entertainment, and they were placed in amusement parks and arcades. the characters and the game itself were made for both kids and adults. however, pop'n music began to lose its fame. adults were no longer interested, and kids refused to play because the levels were too hard and complicated for them. i even heard that amusement parks started to get rid of them. however, pop'n music began to be an appeal to teenagers and young adults(yes, there are exceptions) who have not known the game before, and it gained fame through arcades rather than other places. because of this, bemani decided to change their route and keep the game focused on them. thus they made the game more social-related, kept updating new anime openings and such, and finally- made the art style look like mangas, so it would gain more interest from them. it was a success. i know that old fans like you guys might not be a fan of this idea, but in my opinion, it's good and i like it.

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