Hello I am new here to this whole wiki thing so it’s a pleasure to meet all of you. 😊 I found out about Pop’n Music by Dance Dance Revolution of course but I never played a Pop’n game even though I want to, it looks really fun and I adore the art style. It’s so cute. Honestly, Konami should bring Pop’n Music to the US and other countries not just Japan. I know they did with that one wii version but that flopped, so I believe that Pop’n Music deserves a proper release worldwide. A Pop’n game for PS4 and Xbox One would be nice, I imagine it to have gameplay similar to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva which would be fitting and background music videos of the Pop’n characters too, that’d be so freaking nice. 😊 I also think that it’d be interesting to see how an anime of Pop’n would be too since Lapistoria has anime versions of the characters. I honestly imagine the characters looking like their lapistoria designs and then in some certain expressions/situations they turn chibi like their regular versions. I think that’ll be cute! It would also be a music/idol anime too, and the song Harmonia would fit for an opening theme but any song that’ll fit would work. Pop’n Music needs to be widely known about. There’s so much potential but Konami isn’t taking any action. So therefore this blog post is about who wants to make a petition of Pop’n Music for Konami, specifically an anime but a proper game too. 😊 But to be honest, I don’t know if petitions will work but I decided to post this blog post since there are Pop’n fans here and people who are interested in the series and wants Konami to do more with it. Also please comment down below your thoughts and what you think, it’ll be highly appreciated! Btw, I know this is super long but if you read through it, thank you for taking the time to read! 😊💖 I am grateful for that.

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