Hello, Pop’n Fans! I am a new member in this group but I have something to announce. I recently made an amino for Pop’n Music but it hasn’t been listed yet until I have another leader or curator alongside me. I would really appreciate it if someone wants to become a leader or a curator for the amino. If you are an amino user, then you should be familiar to how stuff works on the communities but if you’re new or never heard of amino, it’s basically an app where you join many communities of whatever you want. :) The app is available on iOS and Android, so if you’re interested in joining my Pop’n Music amino which is called, The Pop’n World, comment down below or send me a note and I’ll send you an invite! Being member would be highly appreciated and it’ll contribute to make Pop’n Music spread as a fandom.

Have any questions? I’ll be happy to answer them!
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