Hey, yeah I'm still around looking at the pages and seeing what's being updated. My scanner is not cooperating and the less I say about my personal life the better but that's not why I'm writing this. 

Okay, so there's this big issue with plagiarism and head cannons on this site apparently. Now let me address that the only thing that should be documented are what is officially put out by the developers. This includes all theories and assumptions as well, so even if something makes sense, if it's not confirmed by an official source, then don't place it on the page. 

For example, and this is something I did and I'll admit to it, I put down that Yuli may be vain. Now from what we see from his animations and music comments, yeah he might be a little vain. However, this was never mentioned or confirmed by anyone that he is any of the sort, so it was removed.

I understand we want to add more weight to the pages and make them look better, but false information is not the way to do it. We have to be patient and wait for information to have an official release. 

Now plagiarism, everyone knows the major trouble we can get into if we plagiarize without giving credit to the original creator/source right? Let's just say this wiki can get shut down if we tick off the wrong people, and much worse can happen when it comes to plagiarism. Nobody wants that, so let's avoid it, okay?

This is simple, don't steal anything from other sites or neglect to give credit to the original. I make the banners and character portraits myself thanks to GIMP. It's a free tool that's simple and anyone can use. Pop'n Music is almost unheard of in the West and we don't want it to stay like that. Let's work together and try to make this wiki the best of what it's capable of.

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