Ok, y'all might be asking, "Who's Kirara?" Kirara is a mermaid who's first appearance was in pop'n music 9. She had 3 songs but 2 of them were deleted(peach idol and romantic arguey yo from dragon ball) She was only left with Mermaid girl from Beatmania in Pop'n Music 20 Fantasia. 2 of her ssongs given to her were about romance,while Mermaid Girl was inspired by the little mermaid. She was the first mermaid in pop'n music history, the second being Mana.


The first reason Kirara should get a song is because it's kinda unfair that she was only left with 1 song. I was thinking maybe an origional song or a vocaloid song (Kimi no Taion). The second reason is because although she is well known she is also underrated. Giving her a song will give her more popularity. (She's also yet to have a human form. WHY MANA AND NOT KIRARA HUH KONAMI AND BEMANI ANSWER ME!!!) The final reason is because like I said, she HAS some popularity. I'm pretty sure all Kirara fans are waiting for her to have a song. If she doesn't get one that's ok. (But Konami and Bemani please a human form)

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