She was birn in a royal family, however her mother and father got lost. All she had were her fish guards. She was introverted as a child so she never had friends. When she got older, she started singing and had lots of friends. She became a mermaid idol. She was looking on the land and saw a prince she liked. So she got legs. She knew some rules in the kingdom. Sadly, she turned to bubbles before she can even have a dance with the prince. She was revived however because of MZD, and they lived hApPiLy EvEr AfTeR REEEEEEEEEE!!!


Lyra was a rabbit who loved to dance. She traveled across her country dancing for the people of her villiage. She was sent back to her hometown in search of moon stones, which were stones more powerful than lapises. This search took more than 6 years. She found them and was asked to use them for good or evil. She chose to use them for good. These moon stones could be used to save or destroy the world. She now preforms to spread happiness and uses her powers to protect her country from invaders and villians.


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