• I live in Marchen Kingdom
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is I draw, I play video games, I play the keyboard, and I like Smile!!!
  • I am Female
Smile Collage
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Hello pop'n yuli cutscene
Cha main yuli 01
Yuli 2p
Yuli 2P ani
Yuli Good
Yuli 16
Yuli eeMall
Yuli neutral
Yuli poster
Yuli TVAnime
Shishamo and yuli
Yuli pop'n 2
Yuli 2P Miss
Yuli 16 Good
Yuli 16 FEVER!
Yuli 8 Miss
Yuli pop'n 8
Yuli Lapistoria miss
Yuli lt miss
Simon no like yuli
Yuli visual 4 miss
Yuli visual 3 lose
Yuli visual 3 neutral
Yuli visual 4 lose
Yuli visual 4 win
Yulipoet pass
Yuli pop'n 4 nuetral
Cha main ash 01
Ash (5)
Ash Usaneko
Ash 10 ani
Ash Fever
Ash 13 ani
Ash wii
Ash 10
Ash 8
Ash 7
Ash 4
Ash usa Icon
Ash 7 Great
Ash Fever Best Hits
Ash 8 Live
Ash 4 screen
Ash 5 sprite
Ash 8 sprite
Ash 13 sprite
Ash 10 sprite
Ash 7 sprite
Deuil poker chip
Deuil special improvisation
Merry x mas from deuil


Deuil world tour part 2


Deuil plushies


Well I definitely like Smile. Hence all my comments are about him, and HAVE U SEEN THIS PAGE!!! I PUT ALL OF THE SMILE PICTURES I COULD FIND ON HERE!!! I like the one where he plays his guitar! But of course I chose the one with the heart on it... what can I say, its cute!

But I really don't know what to do on this wiki... I just want to spread my opinion on Smile!!! But it sucks cuz if I tell people to love Smile like I do I WILL GET JEALOUS AND PROBABLY ANGRY... so dont.

You see that collage there. I made that. Not you. No plagiarism plz, whatever that means on this website.

That's the only picture that is mine. I don't own any of this art. All rights go to the artists.

About the heart Smile, no idea where it went and how to get it back, it got lost after I uploaded my on pictures from my device on here.

My favorite pages

Smile Win
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