aka ItazuraQueen

  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Fangliring over Coo
  • I am A female
Cc poto
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Hi there! You might know me as a huge fan and addicted to rhythm games, but i'm also a fan of Pop'n Music. I first discovered this game back in 2011, when i first have heard of Konami Krazy Racers, and i still love it to this day. I have played Pop'n Music before in London and at home (though i don't have a memory card). In Pop'n Music, i can play songs to a level 30 (PS2) and Level 25 (AC), though harder levels stresses me a lot, though i still enjoy playing it.I'm also into another rhythm game apart from Pop'n Music; it is a game called ぱるメロ, or Pal Melo. My Main favorites are Meira and Yumemi from Touhou Project, and they are very important to me as a whole, but apart from them i also like Poto, Miyu, Coo, Sanae, Fernando, Rie, Poet and Chiruka :3 I 'm very friendly, so i hope we can be good friends :3 I'm an introverted person who doesn't like to talk a lot, but please do not talk something embarrassing. ,

My Likes and Dislikes

  • Coo li do llla i do! Ikyou!!!
    • LIKES
    • Rhythm games
    • Cute things
    • Anime/Games
    • Touhou Project
    • Pal Melo
    • Drawing
    • Friendly People
    • Pop'n Music
    • Just Dance of course
    • To draw
    • School
    • nostalgic and the game music genre
    • Stress
    • Feeling embarrased
    • Being alone
    • Being bored
    • Getting a real boyfriend (i do not and never will)
    • Bullies
    • Users with a bad attitude
    • No time to draw
    • No ideas
    • Being shy (i'm actually shy)
    • Meat
    • Mean people
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