aka Sparky

  • I live in USA
  • My occupation is dank memer
  • I am Female

Why dosent kirara get a special character portrait

I love nintendo,pop'n music,otoca d'or,alpacasso,cu poche,littlest pet shop,tokidoki,and harajuku and Lolita fashion


My favorite characters

  • Kirara (first character i learned and started the obsession)
  • Kurumi (memorable design)
  • Annie (her animations are cute)
  • Lucy (nice hair)
  • Poto (fever win is good)
  • Lyra & Pretty (i love bunnies [better bunnies than Mimi])
  • Jennifer (Nice animations)
  • Nattsun (nice design)
  • K-SUE (nice design)
  • Koijiru (he reminds me of an online hame called duck life and i like duck life)
  • Akemi Koyama (she breaks the 4th wall)
  • Little Raisin (ADORABLE!!!)
  • Ai-chan (i like squirrels)
  • Raizou (he look like bunny)
Phantom 1P

My least favorite characters

  • Madoka (she really be out here breaking the school dress code) 2ND MOST HATED
  • Phantom (he really be out here stealing lapses when he already got one also he a edgy boi) HATE HIM THE MOST
  • Grim (she really be out here with her innaapropriate win animation also she a edgy boi) 3RD MOST HATED

In the middle

  • Yuli (funny boi but kinda creepy sometimes also Bloody Mary is kinda bad 3/10) (the dude in the image)
    YuliLT 1P
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