aka Smol boi

  • I live in Milky Way
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Music producer, Youtuber, vlogger, gamer
  • I am Unknown

Hello there! I'm also a huge fan of Pop n Music.

How do I know Pop n Music

I once went to the world of Pop'n after I saw this photo :

I am a fan of real vampires and 30s cartoon style so I fall in love with Yuli's and the characters' design. I also grew to love Ash and Smile. They were the reasons why I don't make fun of dogs and ghosts.

Favorite and least favorite characters

My favorite characters are Deuil members (Yuli, Ash and Smile), Wilhelm, Jack, Tsuyoshis and Jomanda. They reminds me of my fave characters I liked from the previous fandoms I am in. I think Weiss' design was nice too.

I don't hate on the two mascots. But however it's annoying when I see Nyami and Mimi wherever I type Pop n Music. I wish Konami would give other characters a spotlight instead of just them.

Edit : They're fine I guess

My favorite Characters

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