aka Najwa

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  • I live in A protective place
  • My occupation is artist
  • I am Female

This is Najwa. I am also known as nconnor714 in some educational accounts. A "black" amateur animator and wiki user. Click on the link above to see my Tumblr site. However, my blog cuts off my full description, so I'm writing it here, and I not posting everyday on Tumblr; so on, I'm pretty slow.

Favorite Video Games

I am a huge fan of Pop'n Music myself. Aside from that, I am addicted to The Wonderful 101, DanceDanceRevolution, Mega Man, Homestuck, and Team Fortress 2.

Favorite Movies/Series

The movies that I adore are The Book of Life and Big Hero 6. Series are Shugo Chara!, Pretty Cure, Xiaolin Series, Wild Grinders, and Happy Tree Friends.

Favorite Music

Electronica (trance, dubstep, etc.), J-Pop, and Gaming.


I draw everyday, I read sometimes, and I study Spanish, French, and Japanese at school and home.

Favorite Characters

Roku6 Minit's 150px

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