aka Bish

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on September 15
  • My occupation is Crying, and dying slowly inside (2D Animator)
  • I am Female

Hello. I'm Bishidayo, but you can call me Bish.

I like PNM very much, as you can see.

I'm currently helping out as much as i can with the Song Portal, making articles for missing songs, fixing songlists of game pages, etc, etc. (theres so mAnY)

I also still do rough translations, and i'm currently trying to recover lost Pop'n media. (Especially the manga, Waku Waku Pop'n Manga, please let me know if you find anything with that asap!)

I also draw art, and i occasionally animate.

My Instagram is @bishidayo, where i post my works.

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