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Here are the 3 characters by the way.

Changes of Asian PM2 from Japanese PM2 and Asian PM1

~A region notice has been added (not present in Asian PM1)

~All westernizations from the Asian PM1 were retained except for "Enter your name." which was changed to "Entry your name."

~"tsuu" in the title logo was romanized to "two". the katakana name was removed altogether

~the demo screen shows "Gather round!" "Party on to Pop'n Music!" "THE MORE PLAYERS THE MERRIER!"

~description of party mode is "What's gonna happen? It depends on Your luck!"

~Sugi*kun is now Simon

~Yuli is now Sasha

~S.8. TARO is now TARO

~PRETTY is now Patricia

~Dami-Yan is now Thrash

~Hiroshi Jingu is now Hiroshi

~Reo*kun is now Leo










~above genre has been misspelled as "CARTOONE HERO "R"" at one point in the game

~TECHNO '80 is now TECHNO '80s

~J-R&B is now JAPANESE R&B

~Oedo Hanafubuki is now Sakura

~The Ebisu Singers is now The Bostons

~SUGI & REO retained their names as artist

And now for the romanized song title and artist:

Love passes by by apresmidi (PM1)

LOVE FIRE by Yurica Nagasawa

Great Taboola by TABAN KING

Shining Season by ANNA

ROSE~ Deepen your love by BROKE

Sakura by Kaori Kohda

Fight on! The Great Gambler by lyrics: RYO song: Ichiro Mizuki

Cherry & Raquel by The Bostons

And all asian version music comments so far:

IDOL POP - Sexy & Cute Idol Pop.

ASIAN - "Get Groovin'" Asian Techno.

NEO ACOUSTIC - Popular youth oriented tune.

MELLOW - A sweet song with a mellow feel.

POPS - Fashionable youth oriented tune.

RAP - Full points for this rap.

J-TECHNO - A fast tempo techno beat. It's cool!

FANTASY - A melody from the land of make believe.

ROCK - Cool song from the hit charts.

GOTHIC - Cool Melodious Rock Number.

JAPANESE FOLK - Stylish and pure Edo folk song.

EUROBEAT - "Get Happenin'" Eurobeat Mix.

JAPANESE POP - Totally lovely female pop. Sing along!

FUSION - A touch adult, very stylish fusion number.

AFRICA - A beat with African heart!

LATIN - A passionate rhythm blown in on a warm Caribbean breeze.

DANCE - A dance track that everyone will love!

REGGAE - Great vocals in this up-market reggae number.

DISCO QUEEN - "Cute" style disco dance beat.

BONUS TRACK - "Bitter sweet memories" love song.

RAVE - Refreshing excitement with this great hit!

HEAVY METAL - Guitar Sound & Shouting Storm.

ROMANTIC - Romantic Love Song.

CARTOON HERO "R" - Theme from "The Great Gambler Z"

POP RAP - Pop-style Rhythmic Rap.

TECHNO '80s - The much talked about 80's techno sound!

CLASSIC - Well known classic medley.

TECHNO POP - Bright and energetic techno for all!

CARTOON HERO - Adventure cartoon style song.

SPY - A song to bring back all those spy movie memories.

DISCO KING - Totally funky 70's disco beat.

LOUNGE - Special mondo sound with a jazz flavour.

JAPANESE R&B - Romantic Slow Number.

Original song of POPS comes from "Ugoke! Purimucho"

(translated from part of this page

by LEAFYON (April 29, 2008)

The song from the first pop'n music game "I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU (Theme: POPS)", with "Perfect bokura wa~" as the starting phrase adopted in the commercial of the CS version of pop'n music, and has been the song considered to be the face of pop'n, was based on an original song, and the recorded version in pop'n was an arrangement of the original song with lyrics. The original song had been used on the key chain prize machine called "Ugoke! Purimucho!". What kind of game machine really is this "Ugoke! Purimucho!"? The details from the following. (Lenticular image key chain making machine "Ugoke! Purimucho!" released)

According to the KONAMI press release, which was published December 9, 1997, "Ugoke! Purimucho!" started running that late December of the same year. By taking two different poses, the object of the game is to create a key chain with an image that appears to move when viewed in different angles. It was found that the "original song" can be heard in the background during the photoshoot, and was also the background music during demonstration. Although I can't find an operational machine of it, I'd like to do one play and listen. Also, in 1998, a [Yomiuri] Giants version of Ugoke! Purimucho! was released. In this version, character frames with Giabbit-kun and the Giants logo were provided.

Dami-yan, Donna Q&A (PL 14)

Aya: Welcome to this week's Popper's Lounge!

Mary: This time, the Popper as requested a lot from all the fans, Donna!

Judy: And also supported by the core fans, the appearance of powerful Dami-yan!

Dami-yan: Hi, gentlemen! Are you fine?

Donna: I'm fine~!

Aya: -you were not supposed to answer there.

Donna: I mean, when Dami-yan-sama takes the effort to call, it's not rude not to answer to his call.

Judy: Donna is really a huge fan of Dami-yan, don't you think? I'll start the question right away. "What do you like about Dami-yan?" There's really a lot of questions.

Donna: There's no reason! I lose my mind in the soul put in the song.

Dami-yan: When my soul is felt, it's very likely to be with a young girl.

Donna: Nooo~, I've complimented Dami-yan-sama <3

Mary: That's nice, Donna. So, next question. "How old are you?" This question was from many men in the runaway.

Donna: I'm just a child... *mumbling*

Mary: Donna?

Donna: Secret.

Aya: "What are the occupation of your parents?"

Donna: My Papa is a trading merchant. My Mama is a cellist in Austria's top orchestra. She also teaches at the University of Music during the day. Both of them are busy all year round, the house is open.

Dami-yan: That's a pity.

Donna: No it's not! I... am not myself, because we're together always.

Dami-yan: As usual, my manner of talking is good?

Donna: Oooh, Dami-yan-sama is friendly <3


(Translation to be continued. What's Jiiya?)

Nothing else to see here, thank you!

Hello, I'm DJ suryong. I'm a kinda lethargic wiki editor who gets banned everytime I edit using a wifi connection...

I like playing pop'n music 1,2,3,4,5,6. i used to play 16 party. i also own pop'n music gb, gb animelo, portable and portable 2. Currently I've reached a Lv. 37 wall on arcades (Pop'n Music 16 PARTY), and a Lv. 40 wall on the portable version (I got rusty though and currently I cannot clear any Lv. 40 song). I am currently playing portable 2.

My favorite characters are Sanae-chan, Sholl Kee, and Hiroshi Jingu. btw did you know that Sanae was named "Jacqui" in the American version of pop'n music? And Sholl Kee is "Ken"?

I was also obsessed with PARQUETS. I have listened to pop'n music artist collection - Parquets, hummingbird, parquet circle, and parabola.

I was also obsessed with dormir as well. I also admire TOMOSUKE for his versatile musical genius. When I was a kid, I had no idea that the majority of the songs I play on various BEMANI games were his. I only knew he composed What is Love? on beatmania 7thMIX...

What do I contribute you might ask? Well... mostly screenshots of characters from the PS1 games and the djmain trilogy of arcade versions (PM1-3), and if I discover something new about these old versions that nobody seems to know, I post them right away. I also like to translate information when I have the time, but I have barely any knowledge about the Japanese language and sometimes I need OJ Tsuyoshi's help, or from the Philippine Pop'n Music Players Group (yes, there exists one).

Unspecified Gallery

I decided to make a gallery for miscellaneous screenshots which I cannot add into the pages themselves, or I don't know which page to put into.

Filament Circus Lyrics

English (in parentheses = Google Translate)

"Are you ready?"

I would dream about tweeting on the eggshell

"Not yet"

(And was cracked and black ground hex reliquary before you found)

It seems, everyone is always seemingly broken naive mind

You can acrobat to the other side of the tightrope swinging by the wind

Don't panic My Humpty Dumpty

It's okay to cry after failure

The show must go on

水中家族のテーマ Lyrics


Marine snow ori tsumoru yamiyo no kanata
Mada minu hikari no kuni mezashi teru
Subete no mirai wa koko kara hajimaru
Goran yo

Deep under the sea 
Natsukashii furusato 
Tadoritsuku hi ga kuru made
Far over the waves
Aoi umi o koete 
Bokura no tabi wa tsudzuku yo

Yura yura yurara
Mizu no kagami de michiru yume terasu yo

Kibou no akari fuki kesu arashi ga kite mo
Tachimukau yuuki wa sute tari shinai
Tebanashita hohoemi meguriau tame ni 

Deep under the sea
Natsukashii furusato
Tadoritsuku hi ga kuru made
Far over the waves
Aoi umi o koete
Bokura no tabi wa tsudzuku yo

Yura yura yurara
Hitoikigoto ni 
Kirameku kokyuu kanaderu waltz

Yura yura yurara
Mizu no kagami de michiru yume terasu yo

Deep under the sea
Deep under the sea


Marine snow piles down beyond the dark night
Aiming for the unseen light of the land
All of the future begins here

Deep under the sea
A nostalgic hometown
Until the day that will come
Far over the waves
Beyond the blue sea
Our journey continues

Filling the reflection of water with bright dreams

The hope of light that will put out the storm comes
Our courage to pull through cannot be casted off
Let out a smile at every encounter

Deep under the sea
A nostalgic hometown
Until the day that will come
Far over the waves
Beyond the blue sea
Our journey continues

Every breath
Plays a shining harmonic waltz

Filling the reflection of water with bright dreams

Deep under the sea
Deep under the sea

Popper's Lounge 10 (ice, Bamboo?, P-1&P-2)

Mary: This time is gonna be the 10th Popper's Lounge!

Judy: Thanks to all the fans who keep sending us questions every time.

Aya: This time, 4 poppers appeared. In order please.

Bamboo?: Hi, I'm Bamboo!

Aya: ...and your real name is?

Mimi?: Mimi.

Aya: WHOA!!! I won't listen to you until you take away your make up!

Mary: Well well, Aya calm down. His name's absolutely a secret for work reasons. For now, let Bamboo have the decision.

Aya: Humph.

P-1: Aw, you're fighting? What a difficult situation.

P-2: ■☆★*#$?

P-1: Ha? What are you trying to say? Comedy show performer talk is also coming?

Judy: Yeah. Aren't you P-1 and P-2 gonna introduce yourselves?

P-1: Thanks. It is I, P-1.

P-2: □◆◯%@P-2.

P-1: He says "I am his partner, P-2".

Mary: Interesting way of talking.

P-1: We have gained a Japanese translation software made in Russia today. My partner normally talks like that.

Ice: I'm Ice. Thank you despite what happened earlier.

Aya: There had been a lot of fans sending us mail saying, "We want you to talk more!".

Ice: I'm not good at talking. But I'll try.

Judy: Well, first, Bamboo? Lemme ask you this question. "Why are you like Bamboo?"

Bamboo?: Since the size of my afro was funky after all. But now, girls are good. In fact, I'm a beautiful girl.

Mary: A girl?! No way.

Bamboo? Won't you show the mail from 1000 people who wanted to see my real face? Hey, Aya-chan.

Aya: Right, next is for P-1 and P-2. "Since both of you are comedians, won't you tell a conte?"

P-1: What are you saying? Telling funny skits is the life! Conte is also good. Conte is also good because, I thought in order to master the way of the arts, you have to be able to tell a funny story.

P-2: ■☆★*#$?

P-1: Ha? What are you trying to say? Comedy show performer talk is also coming? ...I can't hear you!! It would be a big deal after seeing the sponsor.

Judy: "What does P-1&P-2 stand for?"

P-1: Do you know Russian things? In Russian cuisine we have "Pirozhki" which can be eaten for snacks. We're called "Pirozhki No. 1" and "Pirozhki No. 2". Oh, we were given the name pirozkhi because they're affordable, and to cut costs our dimensions were messed with during production.

Mary: "What do you think of "KRAFT?"?"

P-1: Kraft?

P-2: ●#◇★☆▼

P-1: Wow, do I look like Kraft. What kind of oil does he use? I want to be friends.

Aya: Alright, "What power source do you run on?"

P-1: Oil, of course.

Judy: Next is Ice, nice to meet you. A lot of your fan calls are coming from girls, and also support from guys are very best. A lot of questions were also coming! And interesting that they're centralized much on the same question!

Ice: Is that so? But it could be any question. I'm nervous.

Judy: Ok, question. "How did you make a production with Timer?"

Ice: Originally I have my own musical work. I decided to provide music and also sing a song since I'm an acquaintance of Timer's and my sense is good.

Timer: Once you got this voice in the ears, anybody would listen.

Mary: Oh, Timer. Aren't you making a live appearance next to the studio?

(the translator taps out.)

=== Yiomrunji miyukura Sajirumut nuukuru Awika orutio byado === Imaihaskun kaoto goanyusti Soaisuyo ousyaos Nubzaoraito ejio rwadon

Sioarnejeekeste sotiot keior soakbo Maogu histao toraiuno Sonuku miendan fuzukiasu Auto kyamuno

Moitze humukyan kouofku Saeto taigyaku shauta Syonaokuna Myatonaokumut Hairar kyubuto Kuirtat myusutou Aokneitiyom

Yohai suwaona Maonun gwarutwas ruiru Kyado noto taonkna Wyaru suainoa Waraisase foyu kaok Sinoa koati hasna

(la la la...)

Yutkeum his ko hoyu

恋のシャレード Long Version Lyrics


あの娘に あげるのね 私じゃなくて
あなたの 胸の奥に光る 紅いルビィを
横取りしたいほど 悪い娘で いい
本当の気持ちは もう こんなに罪深いの

神様 教えて 夢の中では 今も
何故なの 優しい 私だけの男の子だわ

あの娘に あげたのね 私はひとり
今夜も繰り返すの 眠れぬ 恋のシャレード
哀しき 恋のシャレード

愚かな 過ちと 人は言うけど
誰かを 傷つける 幼い愛は熱病
くちづけ されたくて 瞳をとじた
何度も ねだったのに 振り向いてくれないの

神様 助けて 明日の朝には きっと
知らない所へ 行ってしまう 彼を返して

涙が 奏でてる 小さなメロディ
あなたに届かないの 永遠に響くシャンソン

神様 教えて 夢の中では 今も
何故なの 優しい 私だけの男の子だわ

あの娘に あげたのね 私はひとり
今夜も繰り返すの 眠れぬ 恋のシャレード
哀しき 恋のシャレード


Ano ko ni ageru no ne watashi janakute
Anata no mune no oku ni hikaru akai ruby o
Yokodori shitai hodo warui kode ii
Honto no kimochi wa mou kon nani tsumibukai no

Kamisama oshiete yume no naka de wa ima mo
Nazena no yasashii watashi dake no otokonoko dawa

Ano ko ni ageta no ne watashi wa hitori
Konya mo kurikaesu no nemurenu Koi no Charade
Kanashiki Koi no Charade

Orokana ayamachi to hito wa iukedo
Dareka o kizutsukeru osanai ai wa netsubyou
Kuchi dzuke sa retakute hitomi o tojita
Nando mo nedatta no ni furimuite kurenai no

Kamisama tasukete asunoasa ni wa kitto
Shiranai tokoro e itte shimau kare o kaeshite

Namida ga kanade teru chiisana melody
Anata ni todokanai no eien ni hibiku chanson

Kamisama oshiete yume no naka de wa ima mo
Nazena no yasashii watashi dake no otokonoko dawa

Ano ko ni ageta no ne watashi wa hitori
Konya mo kurikaesu no nemurenu Koi no Charade
Kanashiki Koi no Charade


That girl who grows up is not me
Shining behind your chest is a red ruby
I want to snatch it. Can I be a bad girl?
True feelings are becoming so sinful. 

God, tell me now even in a dream
Why is my only boy not friendly?

That girl who grew up, I am alone
Tonight repeats the sleepless charade of love
Sorrowful charade of love

Stupid mistakes I say to people
Young love is a sickness that hurts someone 
Because I want to be kissed, I close my eyes 
I'd be begging many times not to turn around 

God, help me tomorrow morning without fail 
He went somewhere i don't know, return him

Tears are playing a tiny melody
that will not reach to you, forever resonating chanson

God, tell me now even in a dream
Why is my only boy not friendly?

That girl who grew up, I am alone
Tonight repeats the sleepless charade of love
Sorrowful charade of love

Music Comments I've translated so far (some of which are poorly translated)

POPS - Cute and lovely "shibuya-kei" pop song. (I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU)

RAP - Full cuteness points for this pop rap. (YOUNG DREAM)

J-TEKNO - A fast tempo techno beat. It's cool! (Quick Master)

FANTASY - A melody from the land of fairytales. (monde des songe)

LATIN - A passionate rhythm blown in on a warm Caribbean breeze. (El Pais Del Sol)

DANCE - A dance J-Pop number that everyone will love! (Hi-Tekno)

REGGAE - Beautiful vocals in this cool reggae song. (Baby, I'm Yours)

DISCO QUEEN - A cute song with a cutie-disco dance beat. (all i want)

TECHNO POP - Bright and energetic techno for everyone! (Electronic Fill)

ANIME HERO - "Super Robot GAMBLER Z" theme song. (TATAKAE! GAMBLER Z)

SPY - A thrilling tune that is reminiscent of a spy movie. (SPICY PIECE)

DISCO KING - A hot disco beat that's super funky. (FUNKY TOWN '75)

BONUS TRACK - Check this bonus track recording! It's a bittersweet love song. (Surechigau futari)

RAVE - Refreshing excitement! Legendary beat number. (e-motion)

AFRICA - Rhythmic beats from the heart of Africa. (Con te sabi 2119)

J-POP - Super lovey-dovey girls pop song. Let's sing together! (Life)

FUSION - Very stylish fusion number for young adults. (CROSSOVER 21)

CLASSIC - An arranged medley of classical songs that everyone will recognize. (Chaos Age)

TECHNO '80 - Rumored 80's taste techno sound! (Water Melon Woman)

MASARA - Asian techno that would make you dance involuntarily! (Sutekina Tabla)

MELLOW - A sweet song with a little ennui feeling. (Hikari no kisetsu)

IDOL GIRL - Sexy and cute girl pop. (LOVE FIRE)

NEO ACO - A refreshing boys pop. Again. ((fly higher than) the stars)

VISUAL - Melodious and mysterious rock number. (WHITE BIRDS)

EURO QUEEN - Groovy eurobeat mix! (all i want (EURO MIX))

DEGI ROCK - Super cool hit chart song. (ROSE ~ koibito yo, barairo ni somare)

ENKA - Rubbing fists. An enka song from Edo?! (Oedo hanafubuki)

ANIME HERO R - "Super Robot GREAT GAMBLER" theme. (Habatake, the GREAT GAMBLER)

POP RAP - Cool rap in this pop rhythm! (Smile The Night Away)

GIRLY - Positive love song for girls. (LOVE IS STRONG TO THE SKY)

HEAVY METAL - A storm of strong guitar sounds and shouts!! (I'm on Fire)

J -R&B - Adult fragrance of this slow number. Set in a beautiful melody.. (SAYONARA)

LOUNGE - Special mondo sound with a Jazz flavor. Dabadaa~ (CHERRY & RAQUEL)

URBAN POP - Young adults atmosphere with cool and popular vocals. (Prism Heart)

NEW WAVE - Mukokuseki techno with a mysterious feel. 80's new wave? (Don't Disturb)

CANDY POP - A bright, fun, and energetic girls pop. Let's sing and remember the lyrics! (GIVE ME YOUR PAIN)

CLASSIC 2 - That classical music is back with a power up! Now hotter than ever! (R.C.)

CARIB - Drifting tropical moods in this cool refreshing pop song. (Uruwashi no Cardigan)

FUNNY - Fantastic cute techno. It's beautiful melody is wacky! (PULSE)

CUTE - Cute girls asian pop. A little ethnic flavor?

LIVE - The hidden popular theme of staff roll is out! And it's a medley? (Theme of staff roll ~special mix~)

AKIBA - A little high tempo techno. Hitting the gong in cyber city? (E.C.M.)

NEW FOLK - Strums of folk guitar in this mischievous boys pop. (Hashire bun! bun!)

SEXY GIRLS - Groovy pop song by 3 sexy girls.

AVANTGARDE - Where will the miracle beat and varying sensations come to you? (Bee's Eye)

J-GARAGE POP - A cute song from beatmania. (Miracle Moon)

G-POP - A cool alternative rock song. (Take me to...)

MAGICAL GIRL - Magical girl anime ending? A passionate and catchy rumba melody. (Koi no Charade)

EURO DANCE - A sexy and mysterious female duo sings in this 90's dance tune. (Bit of Love)

KANGTONG - A refreshing cantonese pop song. (Woneiya heichau)

MONDO - Sequel to FANTASY? Electric baroque. (Little Robin's Drawer)

HEARTFUL - A love song singing of a girl's true feelings. (peppermint)

CELT - Excellent theme song of the great adventures of the underwater family. What is the underwater family?! (Suichuu kazoku no Theme)

PUNK - Pop'n style 21st century punk rock. Strange but cool. (LET ME FEEL SO HIGH)

SUMMER - The Magokoro Brothers brings a summertime favorite song. (ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE)

SOUNDTRACK - Huge scale of orchestral sounds, like a theme of an epic sci-fi movie. (Uchuusen Q-Mex)

NEW COMMER - Check this newcomer production by Kawai Pappara! (un-balance)

POWER FOLK - A spicy message to girls nowadays in this song. (Nan ka hen da!)

J-R&B 2 - The boom goes on? New J-R&B song. (Ai wo sagasou)

DANCEPOP - Western dance pop that will attract DDR fans. (Till the End of Time)

JUNGLE - Cool high-speed break beats. Beatmania's quirky taste jungle sound. (La La La)

LOVELY - apresmidi's new song after a long time. Hear the duet by Sugi and Sana. (Hachigatsu no Sayonara)

ROCKABILLY - Female vocals in this cute rockabilly. Suitable for ponytails.


GROOVE ROCK - Medium-tempo rock. Cool cutting guitar.

JAZZY - Wood bass and brass is utilized. Jazzy number.

CLASSIC 3 - The third installment in the popular classic series! Now a bit elegant.




POSITIVE - Lovely vocal number that's friendly and gives a good feeling.

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