ウオヲ Uowo


Uowo 9

Uowo IconUowo 2P Icon
Birthplace The bottom of the river
Birthdate October 10th
Gender Male
Race Fish
Hobby Meanwhile
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Bran
Dislikes Cats
First Appearance pop'n music 6 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 9
Theme(s) Oi Punk

Oi Punk 0

Designer(s) Unknown

Uowo is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 6.


He was quietly living, but he is a freshwater fish that had been fished that day. He is an observed figure which works hard in gill breathing in the ground, and participated as a VO. & performer in a Japanese-made punk band called "Gyosen". However, the live house is singing in Kankodori always!


Uowo takes the appearance of an anthropomorphic koi fish with light blue scales, cyan fins and tail, and black eyes, donning a black jacket and pants with yellow highlights, matching his shoes with dark velvet soles. Uowo also has a gray lip piercing on his bottom lip.

His 2P palette changes his scales to white with black and red sections around him with pale walnut fins and tail (in case his palette resembles of a regular koi fish species). His outfit is midnight blue with chartreuse sections, and his shoes are the matching color with brown soles. Uowo carries a scallion with him in a few animations. His 2P color palette is confirmed in Oi Punk 0 from Pop'n Music 9.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 9:
気合いの鰓呼吸でついに野外に飛び出した Punk Fish (英名)!
Punk Fish (English name) jumped out to outdoors finally, with his gill breathing of fighting spirit!
His latest performance seems to have a "leek" point...? (Why that!)


  • Uowo shares his birthdate with Well-Done, Kapooon, MeMe, Maud, and IO.
  • Uowo has his own website on the Pop'n Music 6 site, making him one of the few characters to have their own sites.





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