優しい風が吹いたよ  君の香りがしたんだ
your beautiful smile 見せてよずっと  僕の隣で

何を怖がっているの? もう大丈夫だよ
辛い事があっても  僕は君を守るナイトになる

そのぬくもり  消せない  まるでヒマワリのような
眩しい笑顔に  いつまでもKiss していたい

君は運命のLady 今  逢いに行くから
出逢った頃のような  気持ちで
ありふれた言葉かもしれないけれど  ちゃんと伝えたいよ
抱き締めて言うよ you are my everything



yasashii kaze ga fuita yo kimi no kaori ga shitan da
your beautiful smile misete yo zutto boku no tonari de

nani wo kowagatteiru no? mou daijoubu da yo
tsurai koto ga atte mo boku wa kimi wo mamoru KNIGHT ni naru

sono nukumori kesenai marude himawari no you na
mabushii egao ni itsumademo Kiss shiteitai

kimi wa unmei no Lady ima ai ni iku kara
deatta koro no you na kimochi de
arifuta kotoba kamo shirenai keredo chanto tsutaetai yo
dakishimete iu yo you are my everything

kanashii koto ga attara...

English Translation

The kind wind blew, and your scent was done
Definitely show me your beautiful smile, as I'm close to you

What are you scared of? It will be alright.
I will become your knight who protects you if there's painful things

That warmth is like a sunflower that cannot erase around
I want to Kiss you forever and ever on your dazzling face

You're my Destiny Lady, from going in person
Like you met me around with your feelings
I don't know my common words, but I want to tell you properly
Hold me and say you are my everything

If there were sad things...

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  • 運命のLady originates from the KONAMI dating simulation game Tokimeki Restaurant (ときめきレストラン☆☆☆?), available for iOS and Android phones.
    • Unlike the other Tokimeki Restaurant songs in BEMANI, Burning with U and 運命のLady are also licensed by KOEI TECMO Games (コーエーテクモゲームス?).
  • 運命のLady is not keysounded.

Difficulty & Notecounts[1]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 119 299 436 646 267 356
Usaneko→Present 6 21 28 35 15 21


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