Uncle Jam is one of the characters from Pop'n Music.


A now national idol? It's Uncle Jam.
Actually, did you know that he himself was born in Japan (somewhere near Koganei)?! Moreover, his parents' home is a curry shop!



Despite of being originated in Japan, Uncle Jam looks like a Jamaican figure, like brown skin, black eyes, and black, short dreadlocks. His entire apparel carries a Jamaican taste, consisting of a normal green hue on his pants, sleeves, and shoe highlights; a red color, serving as a highlight on his shirt and left wrist; and a yellow color on his shirt. He also wears white tennis shoes with the shoelaces and highlights gaining tacky colors.

Character Information

See Uncle Jam/Character Information.

Caribbean Beats

Uncle Jam wears a casual, summer attire. He has a tank top, holding the same colors for a Jamaican motif. The blue pants are additional.

His 2P color palette recolors Uncle Jam's skin into a darker tone, and his hair is colored hazel. His tank top has red and blue stripes, additional to the white. Jam's pants are slightly shaded into a light version of blue.

Jungle Go Go

Uncle Jam gains a new attire, and it still includes his signature colors. Now, his attire has an explorer kit, such as a hat, a yellow shirt, green pants, and plain, white shoes. He wears a red belt around his waist, and carries a green sack on his back.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 10:
ステージに上がれば、たちまちお・い・らが主役 DA-YO-NE ☆
The increasingly noticeable Uncle Jam. He makes a respectable appearance at the 10th Pop'n Party.
When he goes on stage, he immediately stars as the protagonist. DA-YO-NE ☆

Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL:
He pursuits the secret curry spice and beautiful women south to south.
Unexpectedly, it seems that Uncle Jam has gotten lost in the jungle!

NET Self

Attack Jam jam (ジャムジャム Jamujamu?)
Damage What was that (なにするだ Nani suruda?)
GOOD Play Yes! (イェス! Iesu!?)
BAD Play Nooo (ノーゥ Nōu?)
WIN I'm number one~ (おいら一番~ Oira ichiban ~?)
LOSE Oops (ぶっぶー Buubu ̄ ?)


Pop'n Music 19 TOWN Mode

Conversation Only (Phase Nan)

My parents' home is
 actually  a curry shop.
 Did you know that?
 I would recommend the butter chicken.


  • Uncle Jam's birthdate is identical to Kraft?'s, as Kraft? is simply Uncle Jam in disguise.
  • Uncle Jam's appearance debut is in the first beatmania game, in the song jam jam reggae. However he was only named in pop'n music.
  • Uncle Jam and Yunta are not related, despite of having similar traits.





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