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Unbabo is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music.



Unbabo is a small monkey with medium brown fur, peach colored skin, and bright blue-green eyes. He wears a simple grass skirt. Unbabo is often seen with a little pink elephant.

His 2P palette gives him pink fur, lighter skin, and blue eyes, as well as a blue grass skirt. The elephant in his animations becomes dark teal.

NET Self[]

Attack (ウキーー!?)
Damage (ウキャッ?)
GOOD Play (ウキッ♪?)
BAD Play (キュー…?)
WIN (ウッキッキ?)
LOSE (あわわわ?)


  • Unbabo's artwork varies quite a bit from his sprite, giving him larger ears, a pink nose, and a silver ear piercing in his left ear. His chest is also covered with fur.
  • Inexplicably, Unbabo does not appear on the official CS site.
    • He does appear in the CS section of the AC site however.