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Umaru Doma (土間うまる Doma Umaru?), frequently known for short as Umaru-chan, is one of the characters from Pop'n Music éclale, and an anime crossover character from Himouto! Umaru-chan.


She is an anime lover,loves to watch horror movies,play games and drink a lot of cola/coke.She has a lazy yet kind and warm-heart personality.She can also be a faker in her personality especially when she is in public(example:perfect highshool girl).


Umaru has long, honey blonde hair and dark brown eyes as her physical traits. She is frequently drawn on her deformed chibi style, wearing a white frock and her orange, trademark hamster hoodie. This appearance is referred as her "Indoor" mode.


  • Umaru's FEVER animation is taken from the original OP of かくしん的☆めたまるふぉ~ぜっ!.
  • Umaru does not have a 2P color.
  • Umaru-chan is the fourth licensed character to crossover a BEMANI game, after Glutamine, Matsushita, and Funassyi.
    • However, she is the first anime character to crossover a Pop'n Music title.
    • Speaking of her debut in Pop'n Music éclale, Umaru plays a parodic version of Pop'n Music in one episode.
  • Umaru's brother, Taihei Doma, makes cameo on her Lose and Win animations.
  • Umaru-chan shares her birthday with Kamogawa Kenkyuuin, Simon Belmondo, and Ralph Belmondo.



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