Toru Kamikaze is one of the characters from Pop'n Music.



The son of a Yokohoma Pachinko store. He was seen as the hot-blooded type.
In order to shatter the evil organizer Warudoc's ambition,

He's fighting with his grandpa's invicible Robo-Gambler Z he created!


Toru Kamikaze is a young boy with brown eyes and messy brown hair swept to the side. He wears a yellow uniform with red patterns on the chest, as well as red gloves, boots, and a scarf. He wears a blue shirt underneath, and his belt has a red "Z" logo on it. In his FEVER! animation, he's seen commanding the Gambler Z, a super robot with a yellow color and orange and blue designs.

In his 2P palette he's given light brown hair and eyes, and his uniform becomes mostly cerulean with the red accessories of his attire shifting to a cream color. His shirt and belt buckle are red.

NET Self

Attack Fist of justice! (正義の鉄拳! Seigi no tekken!?)
Damage Argh! (くっ! Kuu!?)
GOOD Play Alright! (よし! Yoshi!?)
BAD Play Gwaah! (グハッ! Guhaa!?)
WIN Justice wins! (正義は勝つ! Seigihakatsu!?)
LOSE It's Warudoc (ワルドックめ Warudokku-me?)


  • Toru Kamikaze's design references a few different shows, with his general appearance resembling Ryoma Nagare of Getter Robo and the Gambler Z robot being based on the Mazinger Z from Mazinger Z.
  • Although Toru's age is not given, he seems to be under the age of 18, as he's not old enough to play pachinko.
  • In the Asian English version of the first Pop'n Music game, Toru Kamikaze's name is just Toru.
  • It is also stated in a Popper's Lounge that Smile is also a fan of Gambler Z. 





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