To Lapistoria...! (ラピストリアへ・・・! Rapisutoria he...!?) is the second main Story Mode arc in Pop'n Music Lapistoria. If you clear this story arc, you will receive 朱と碧のランページ as your unlockable song. You must clear Story Tutorial to unlock this main story arc.

The entire translation of To Lapistoria...! was finished by Tumblr user abyssalnode.


The asterisks mean that the characters' icons change during the script, although Hiumi's debut icon was not shown.


Retsu, Fuga, Rinka, and Hiumi are called by MZD. Is the Pop-kun reduction cause here in "Lapistoria"?


MZD calls Tsugidoka! gang to tell them about the recent Pop-kun problem. It turns out a lot of Pop-kun's have been missing. If this continues, there will be no more sounds in the Pop'n world! He also explains the source of their problems might be in "Lapistoria" - another world created by MZD. It is revealed, that he had been very busy with his job so he wants the Tsugidoka! gang to investigate about Lapistoria. Retsu is very excited to visit the new world. MZD gives each of them a gemstone called a "lapis". Each Tsugidoka! gang's lapis has a different shape and color:

  • Retsu: Crimson Red lapis-shaped gem;
  • Fuga: Mint Green diamond-shaped gem;
  • Hiumi: Cyan Blue teardrop diamond-shaped gem;
  • Rinka: Cherry Pink heart-shaped gem.

Retsu asks MZD how they should use their lapises. He tells him they have to use their lapis with their heart and say "I want to go to Lapistoria!" Retsu says it twice. However, MZD tells him he does not have to say it. Suddenly, all the lapises begin glowing and sparkling. This causes the Tsugidoka! gang to get magically transported to another world!

The Tsugidoka! gang finally arrives in their destination, Lapistoria. Rinka is amazed with this world, as she learned that their lapises shine when they go there. Hiumi is relieved that no one got injured. They decide to split up into two teams to get more information on Lapistoria: Retsu and Fuga, Rinka and Hiumi.

In the Shopping District, Retsu and Fuga meet a young girl named Akane. It turns out that Akane is Retsu's grandmother! Fuga is shocked and confused. Retsu asks her if something strange has been happening about the Pop-Kun's. She replies that there is something off about Pop-kun's. She wants Retsu and Fuga to come with her.

Akane shows a polluted lapis in front of them. Retsu and Fuga suspect that the polluted lapis might be behind the reason why the Pop-kun's have disappeared. Akane tells them that lately, people's lapises have been turning dark, causing them to be unable to go to the Pop'n world. So, she wants Retsu to purify them. Akane shows off her flames, like Retsu's flames known as "Fate Purification". Akane tells Retsu to use his flames to purify the lapis, which he does - giving all he's got!

Suddenly, the lapis has been purified thanks to Retsu's powers. Akane gets the boys to purify all of polluted lapis. Retsu wonders why Akane wants him to purify the lapises. Akane challenges Retsu to play Pop'n with her, and Retsu accepts.

If the player wins against her, Akane is impressed by Retsu, making him happy. However, should the player lose to her, Retsu becomes disappointed. Akane tells him there is so much he has to learn. Regardless of the player result, Fuga asks her why the lapis got stained. It turns out she doesn't know how it began. Retsu decides to purify all the corrupted lapises so all people can go into the Pop'n world. Fuga accepts and decides to look for all the missing Pop-kun's.

A Call from MZD

Mzd 19 icon Alright, everyone's here.
Retsu Icon What are you calling us so hurriedly for? I’m busy with fighting games.
Mzd 19 icon Actually, the number of Pop-kuns has been dwindling lately. If this keeps going, the sound will disappear from this world.
Rinka Icon What!? That's such an important thing…
Mzd 19 icon So it seems the cause is in a school in “Lapistoria”. I’m busy with many things too, and if I went to a school I would stand out, right? So, I want you all to do something about it.
Fuga Icon Hmm… I don’t quite understand it, but we can’t just ignore a problem that is serious.
Retsu Icon That’s right. All right! For the Pop'n World, we will do something about it!
Mzd 19 icon Okay, it has been settled. You can go there with this. This is a “Lapis” that’s required to go to Lapistoria from the Pop'n World and back.


Now, to Lapistoria...!

Retsu Icon Umm. So how do we use this?
Mzd 19 icon Just wish with all your heart, I want to go to Lapistoria!
Retsu Icon Okay! I want to go to Lapistoria… I want to go to Lapistoria…
Mzd 19 icon …You don’t need to say it.
RetsuLTIcon Hm…? Uwooooo!?
HiumiLTIcon Oh my.
RinkaLTIcon Kyaaa!
FugaLTIcon ...


This is Lapistoria

RinkaLTIcon Phew… So this is Lapistoria, huh? Just when I noticed the Lapis was shining...and suddenly we’re here.
HiumiLTIcon It seems everyone is fine. I’m glad.
RetsuLTIcon So what do we do from here?
FugaLTIcon First, we have to collect information, right?
HiumiLTIcon Then let’s split up for now. If something happened, we'll investigate it.
RetsuLTIcon Alright! Then let’s go, Fuga!


The Red-eyed Girl

RetsuLTIcon Hmm… There’s no clue or anything at all…
AkaneIcon Oh! Isn’t that Retsu!
RetsuLTIcon Grandma!?
FugaLTIcon Grandma!?
AkaneIcon Oh, is this your friend? My name is Akane, I’m Retsu’s grandmother.
FugaLTIcon You don’t look like a grandmother at all…
RetsuLTIcon Oh, right, grandma. Lately Pop-kuns have been disappearing from Pop'n World, do you know something about it?
AkaneIcon Hmm… Pop-kuns are… could it be that?
FugaLTIcon Do you know something?
AkaneIcon Come with me.



AkaneIcon You two, look at this.
RetsuLTIcon Is this… a Lapis…? It looks dirty…
AkaneIcon Yes. There are many people whose Lapises have become like this, and since then, they cannot go to the Pop'n World to do Pop'n Music.
FugaLTIcon So is it because of these Pop-kuns have been disappearing…? What should we do about them…?
AkaneIcon For that… you do this!
RetsuLTIcon Uwooo!? There’s fire!? Is this… the same as my Fate Purification…?
AkaneIcon That’s right! Purify the Lapis with your fire!
RetsuLTIcon Okay! Let’s give it a try…!


Fate Purification

RetsuLTIcon Fate… Purification!
AkaneIcon Hoho, it seems you did it.
FugaLTIcon I see, this is another reason the four of us were chosen for this.
RetsuLTIcon What do you mean?
FugaLTIcon We can use our abilities to purify the Lapises.
RetsuLTIcon Heh, is that so?
FugaLTIcon We won’t know if we don’t try.
AkaneIcon There, there. Now if the purification's done, should I pop'n with my grandson after so long?
RetsuLTIcon Alright! I won’t lose!


Lapis Purification: Great Success


AkaneIcon Hoho, you sure have grown.
RetsuLTIcon Hehe.
FugaLTIcon But I wonder why those Lapises are getting polluted.
AkaneIcon I don’t know why, either.
RetsuLTIcon But, if we purify polluted Lapises, then for the time being there will be more people coming to the Pop'n World, right? So let’s purify every polluted Lapis we find!
FugaLTIcon For now that’s the only thing we can do.



AkaneIcon You still have to learn.
RetsuLTIcon Damn! I thought I could win now!
FugaLTIcon But I wonder why Lapis are getting polluted.
AkaneIcon I don’t know that either.
RetsuLTIcon But, if we purify polluted Lapises, then for the time being there will be more people coming to the Pop'n World, right? So let’s purify every polluted Lapis we find!
FugaLTIcon For now that’s the only thing we can do.


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