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Timer is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 2.


 "A natural idol. Or as you'd say a fairy?" A musician who can speak any song.
Being so popular with a packed schedule, he always carries a large clock.[1]

Timer is a fashion designer, singer and model. He seems to interested in cosplay, preferring to order costumes rather than making them by himself.

He is shown to have a crush on Nyami; tailing around her and sometimes disguising himself as a cat (using a cat hoodie). But when she had a mutual feeling for him, it tends to be kept a secret on her part. He is Minit's's older brother.

Character Information

See Timer/Character Information.


Digi Rock

Timer appears as a tall man with red eyes and short, hazel-colored hair. On Timer's head is a red-violet rabbit hat. His attire consists of a suit with the same color as his hat, a violet tie with a rabbit icon, and black shoes.

Timer's 2P color palette changes his hair color to powder blue color and his eyes to a deeper red. His whole suit is colored white, and his shoes are colored cerulean with black soles. His neck tie also is shifted to red.

Digi Pop

Timer wears an all red attire, including a short tank top, red khaki pants, and black sneakers with red outlines and rabbit icons on the back. His hair color is shaded into brown instead of hazel. His original palette in pop'n 6 is used again in ACCELERATION from Pop'n Music éclale.

In his 2P color palette, Timer's hair is shaded into a maroon color, while his eyes are shown as blue for the first time. His hat and top are colored black, and his pants are blue. His shoes are shown in a violet color, and his rabbit icons are colored blue. Timer's 2P color palette was used in Spark, an ee'MALL song of Pop'n Music 10.

Cyber Digibeat

Timer gains a new appearance, with a red sleeveless suit top with coattails, and striped arm warmers. His top has a black neck tie. He wears black shorts, and black flat shoes worn with striped thigh high socks, matching his arm warmers. His original palette is reused in JAP, from Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden.

Timer's 2P color palette colors his entire outfit black, and once again gives him blue eyes and maroon hair. His palette is reused in Variant Rave, from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


In his éclale appearance, Timer's hat has its left ear tainted by a light cyan area, and wears a gray top hat. His costume is a pure white top with gray sleeves and left section, white gloves, and red sections located on his pendant with light yellow sections, and opposite sections. He also wears gray shorts with white accents, and red boots. His FEVER! animation gives him two cross-dressing attires: the costume from Pop'n 2's FEVER! animation, but it has two red pieces and gray straps. The other has a red visor with a light baby blue bow with a yellow sphere ornament, as well as a white top with a large, red highlight. His Win animation has once again uses the cat hat. This time, he wears a red, fancy suit with a light red bow tie and white gloves. His shorts are platinum with striped socks and grayish white shoes.

Timer's 2P has purple eyes and golden hair. His costume is black with yellow highlights on his shirt, white top hat and pants. His FEVER animation gives him his waitress outfit in dark gold, while his other attire has sky blue ears and matching shirt with light pale orange, white and light yellow accents.


Timer appears in the Pop'n Music Card Collection on a change card. He wears his usual rabbit hat in a white color, a white T-shirt with a gray plaid tie, red wristbands, blacks shorts, and white boots with red soles.

Timer has a cameo in Ice's Lose animation in Pop'n Music 3, unchanged.

In Pop'n Music 4, Timer wears fancy garments, consisting of a deep red top, a white neck tie, and dark gray pants with black shoes. His eyes are colored brown instead of red. Timer only appears in Ice's FEVER! and Win animations.

Timer makes a major cameo in one of the videos in the Omake section of Pop'n Music 7, along with Ash as well.

His new appearance in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL shows him wearing a harlequin-inspired costume, with his entire outfit is split into halves that includes red and burgundy colors, while the top has checkered patterns. This only occurs in Ice's Jam and Win animations.

Timer's new and casual attire includes a lime green sweater with a white shirt underneath, jean-colored capris, and red-white boots. This only appears in Minit's' Lose and Win animations in Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.

Timer is physically mentioned in Mimi's FEVER! Win animation and makes a cameo in Ryuta's Miss animation in Pop'n Music Lapistoria, wearing the thematic uniform in the Pop'n Music-inspired high school.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 6:[2]
「みんなもぼくとLet's sing!」
Even today Timer continues running as the top idol. The nationwide Dome Tour was also a big success!
He loved the concert very much because his fans were together and he was singing with them.
"Me and everyone, Let's sing!"

Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪:[3]
After a long absence Timer has recently appeared on TV for a very fun concert!
You will love his new costume so much, it'll leave your heart throbbing.

pop'n music éclale:[4]
Is he a fairy!? An idol!?
Keep an eye on that cute boy for one second from his crazy stage!

NET Self

Attack I'm sorry~ (ごめんね~ Gomen ne~?)
Damage Ouch ow ow (あいたたた Ai tatata?)
GOOD Play Alright! (よーし! Yōshi!?)
BAD Play Huh? (あれれ? Arere??)
WIN Look, look~ (みてみて~ Mite mite~?)
LOSE Why~! (なんで~! Nande~!?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode

Conversation Only (Phase 4)

 This is a very nice city!
 Your amazingness is really coming out♪
 Originality is important.

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia Soreyuke! Pop'n Quest

Making a request (That Idol's Debut Song)

Yoo-hoo! How is everyone?
 My debut song has been remastered and re-released!
 It'd be nice if you could try playing it☆

Request achieved

Thanks for playing☆
 Think about me and everyone else you met in Pop'n Music 2~
 Eeehhh~? That's embarrassing~