• hello, you must be flowering yaksha, this is ktchelle from devient art. Nice to see you here!

    anyway, I was wondering I can get some help about editing this wiki? I have additions  like the character banner and the Net self translations I'd like to add but don't know how.

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    • Yes, I'm Flowering-Yaksha.

      Ah, I know a thing or two about wikia editing. I don't know how to explain it properly, but I do take reference from other wiki pages for the NET self translations and portraits. Can you show me the pages you wanna edit?

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    • I just needed to edit kanoko's page

      I got her name banner and net self translated (it took forever to do)

      I just need to add them

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    • Well, I'll try and explain as best as I can.

      First, you need to add a section called "NET SELF" to the wiki.

      Then, in that section, you click the "Insert" icon and then look for "Table". Click that.

      Then, in NET SELF, you click the blue arrows on the new-found table and delete three of the four columns.

      That'll leave you with one column. 

      This'll leave you with six sessions, Attack, Defense, Good Play, Bad Play, Win, and Lose.

      You'd need six rows for this, though.

      In the smaller box, you'd add the labels (ATTACK, DEFENSE, and so forth) and in the larger box, you'd add your translations. The Japanese parts would be in parentheses, with the nihongo on the left side and the romaji in the right side.

      The English part would be outside of the parentheses and to the right.

      And about the name banner, it's not exactly necessary, and I can't explain how to properly add it.

      I apologize, I don't like being bothered about stuff I can't even explain well. If I can't help you, you might as well ask someone else about this crap....

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    • Thank you! It's alright If you can't explain the banner.

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    • A FANDOM user
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