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The TOWER needs its music comment, song production information, and/or staff comments translated.

The Tower is a boss character from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.



Suddenly, construction began for a big, big tower on a hill of the town.

The spiral staircase seems endless, it's a little eerie...?


The Tower is an eerie building with an "eye" and an endless spiraling staircase, which is more pronounced in its 2P version. It can "hop" and soar to great heights.

Other Character Comments[]

Scale Out (second stage)[]

The whole picture of the mysterious tower can gradually be seen
Until it reaches above the clouds, how higher can it get?!


  • The Tower cannot be played as through conventional means.
    • In addition, the character cannot be encountered in Town Mode. However, you can buy its song for 100 TP, but only after all 29 songs in Town Mode before it are unlocked.
  • The Tower is based on the Tower of Babel from the Old Testament. It was meant to explain the origin of different languages, and was "tall enough to reach heaven."
  • The Tower and its 2P version is part of a boss trilogy in Tune Street, along with The Garden.
  • The small window on the upper portion of The Tower represents an eye.
  • If you look closely at BabeL ~Next Story~'s SOUND VOLTEX jacket, you can see Mimi and Nyami climbing up The Tower a la its Ojama animation.
  • After the removal of all backgrounds in Pop'n Music Lapistoria, BabeL ~Next Story~ and BabeL ~Grand Story~'s background was added to The Tower in Lapistoria on August 2014. This change was reverted in Pop'n Music éclale, due to the return of backgrounds for pre-Lapistoria songs.