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ザ・モッキー Za mokkī
The Mockey
The Mockey Icon
Birthplace America
Birthdate September 29th
Gender Male
Race Tree
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Hobby Sunbathing
Likes Sun, song, dance, Squall
Dislikes Cold places
First Appearance Pop'n Stage
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 6 (CS)

Pop'n Music 8

Theme(s) REGGAE



He was photosynthesizing peacefully in the land of America, but one day, he underwent a big transformation when he was dressed in a magical T-shirt with Reggae's soul. Since then, he's been traveling all across the country to spread the heart of Reggae.

NET Self

Attack I'm comin' straight home (にょっきき Ni ~yokkiki)
Defense Well! (ちっ!Chi~tsu!)
GOOD Play Nice! (ナイス Naisu)
BAD Play Damn (ぐっ Gu~tsu)
WIN High spirits♪ (ノリノリ♪ Norinori♪)
LOSE Humph (ふ~ん Fu ~ n)


  • One of THE MOCKEY's hobbies (squall) refers to a local showdown in the tropic area.



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