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Tetra is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 9.


A fish girl who is living alone at the bottom of the deep sea. Though the bottom of the sea is cold, broad, and dark, she continues to sing a song while looking for a friend. She hopes that she'll be able to meet that friend someday.


Tetra appears with peachy skin and pale turquoise eyes. Tetra's hair is orange, but was formed into a curved and strange style due to her fish-like qualities. She wears a knee-length frock with a pair of thick straps on the back and green/blue tints around.

NET Self

Attack Hello♪ (こんにちは♪ Kon'nichiwa♪?)
Defense (Drowning) (あっぷあっぷ Appu appu?)
GOOD Play Tee-hee♪ (えへへ♪ Ehehe♪ ?)
BAD Play Hawawaaa~! (はわわぁ~! Hawawaa~!?)
WIN I met someone♪ (会えたね♪ Aeta ne♪?)
LOSE Wauu... (はうぅ・・ Wauu..?)

Other Character Comments

Change Card


In the summer sea, the incoming light is very vivid to the fish. She came up from the bottom of the sea for a bit, and somehow her smiling face is sparking very brightly today!


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Conversation Only

Lulu la~ Lulu~♪ Bubble bubble...♪
 Lots of...♪ Friends...♪
 You are my friend as well...♪
 I am happy...♪


Tetra is a Latin word, translated to "four".


  • Tetra shares her birthday with Yun.




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