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I don't know what you're saying-Mimi
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Tenko is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.



The fox kid who passed through the school corridors. Turn around and she's not there anymore. That after school child, the Ayakashi girl.


Tenko is a pale skinned teenager who wears a sailor fuku (a type of school outfit common for junior high schoolers in Japan), which consists of a black pleated skirt, a white shirt with black cuffs, white shoes and socks, a black bib with white adornments, and a red scarf. She also adorns a kitsune mask, which is seen in all of her animations. Her hair and eyes are black. Her 2P recolors her skin a yellowish color, her hair is a reddish color, and her sailor fuku is blue with white accents. She has red socks and blue shoes, and her kitsune mask is black.

NET Self

Attack I refuse to run! (ちっけった! Chiketta?)
Damage Oh (あーあ Aaah?)
GOOD Play [bark bark] (こんこーん Konkoon?)
BAD Play [sticking out tongue] (あっかんべー Akanbe?)
WIN We made a pinky promise (ゆ~びきった Yuubikita?)
LOSE Time to go home (かーえろ Kaero?)



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