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Ted=Pete needs its music comment, song production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Ted=Pete is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.

Personality[edit | edit source]


A gentleman with deep knowledge in poetry and art.

I've left the hometown, after all I have a long, long journey...

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ted=Pete is a skeleton with a beatnik appearance, having a black and white striped necktie, a black fedora, slacks, and a brown belt and pair of Chelsea boots. He usually wears a happy expression. His attack and damage NET Self quotes represent his face.

NET Self[edit | edit source]

Attack ● ▲ ● (?)
Damage ◎ ▲ ◎ (?)
GOOD Play High up (ハイ=アップ Hai appu?)
BAD Play Low down (ロウ=ダウン Rō daun?)
WIN I know (?)
LOSE Whatever will be, will be (ケセラセラ Keserasera?)

Other Character Comments[edit | edit source]

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET (Town Mode):
To get to the New World
I love the sun, why not play? And my poetry and I together.

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