Taoxiang is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Even if I put on my robe of feathers, the path to you is still blocked...

My dear, even now I believe in the oath we made.

Character Information[edit | edit source]

Is it a long, China dress, a goddess dress, or a Chinese sexy dress like May-Fa's? In many ideas that came out, listening to the "Gourgeous grief in a Chinese food orthodox school! A peach flower image", her skirt became a shining, gorgeous peach tree spirit, that sways and floats. Her name is Taoxiang. After the humans, she has love...and grabbed it to make various of delusions. The robe of feathers is a point to show through, but she loved the troubled way of making very much.

Occasionally, I enjoyed the song coming out previously with the given lyrics for her character animation; however, always varying her atmosphere a little bit, it’s the first time I’m surprised when listening! It’s a wonderful song. Double pain, but with a comfortable melody, the BPM is doubled imaginably. TЁЯRA's song is always a tight speed. Right now, I registered a dictionary.


Appearance[edit | edit source]

Taoxiang was born with violet eyes, along with her matching hair, decorated with a bow-shaped bun, and hanging side bangs. Her costume is a Chinese-traditional, fuchsia-magenta dress with a gold bow on her back, and a light cyan, translucent sheath. She has a pair of wooden sandals that were hidden on the bottom of Taoxiang's long dress. Her original palette is later shown in a Tokimeki Idol song, 恋時雨, which appears in Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.

NET Self[edit | edit source]

Attack Go! (去! Qù!?)
Damage Ouch! ( Tòng?)
GOOD Play I'm so happy. (幸福 Xìngfú?)
BAD Play I'm losing. (失敗 Shībài?)
WIN Thank you. (謝謝 Xièxiè?)
LOSE Imagine me... (想見・・・ Xiǎng jiàn...?)

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Taoxiang's name means "peach" in Chinese, both traditional and simplified.

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