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Taoxiang is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


Even if I put on my robe of feathers, the path to you is still blocked...

My dear, even now I believe in the oath we made.

Character Information[]

Is it a long, China dress, a goddess dress, or a Chinese sexy dress like May-Fa's? In many ideas that came out, listening to the "Gourgeous grief in a Chinese food orthodox school! A peach flower image", her skirt became a shining, gorgeous peach tree spirit, that sways and floats. Her name is Taoxiang. After the humans, she has love...and grabbed it to make various of delusions. The robe of feathers is a point to show through, but she loved the troubled way of making very much.

Occasionally, I enjoyed the song coming out previously with the given lyrics for her character animation; however, always varying her atmosphere a little bit, it’s the first time I’m surprised when listening! It’s a wonderful song. Double pain, but with a comfortable melody, the BPM is doubled imaginably. TЁЯRA's song is always a tight speed. Right now, I registered a dictionary.



Taoxiang was born with violet eyes, along with her matching hair, decorated with a bow-shaped bun, and hanging side bangs. Her costume is a Chinese-traditional, fuchsia-magenta dress with a gold bow on her back, and a light cyan, translucent sheath. She has a pair of wooden sandals that were hidden on the bottom of Taoxiang's long dress. Her original palette is later shown in a Tokimeki Idol song, 恋時雨, which appears in Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.

NET Self[]

Attack Go! (去! Qù!?)
Damage Ouch! ( Tòng?)
GOOD Play I'm so happy. (幸福 Xìngfú?)
BAD Play I'm losing. (失敗 Shībài?)
WIN Thank you. (謝謝 Xièxiè?)
LOSE Imagine me... (想見・・・ Xiǎng jiàn...?)


Taoxiang's name means "peach" in Chinese, both traditional and simplified.