Ginmaru Tamamo is one of the characters from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Silence begins to fall with a bewitching fox who starts to emerge in the mysterious red forest of the deep,
 It's from the story of nine flickering tales

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ginmaru has fluffy golden hair, tied in a long high ponytail. He has two large cowlicks resembling fox ears decorated with green leaves. The ends of his hair are a lighter yellow color. He has rounded eyebrows, eyes with slit pupils, red eyeliner, and long eyelashes. He wears a traditional Japanese outfit, the top of which is light grey and white with red-orange accents. A white fur piece is worn over his shoulders. His hakama is red-orange as well, and he wears white socks under his geta sandals. He carries a white fox mask.

His 2P color palette gives him white skin, pale blue hair and yellow eyes. The leaves in his hair and his eyeliner are purple. The inner layer of his top is faded gold. The outer layer remains white, but has grey accents. His hakama is the same dark grey.

Cameos[edit | edit source]

Ginmaru appears in Kuranosuke Sutoku's FEVER!, Win, and Lose animations. He also appears in Raiga Shuten's FEVER! animation.

In his Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume Change Card, Ginmaru wears a steampunk-style outfit. His hair is tied low with a belt. He has a hat on his head, as well as a mechanical cover over his left fox ear. His top has kimono-style sleeves and is held together with black belts. His clothes have blocks of dark blue, teal, and brown.

NET Self[edit | edit source]

Attack Konkon! (こんこん! Konkon!?)
Damage Scatter~~!! (散れ~~!! Chire~~!!?)
GOOD Play We're bound together... (繋ぎ止める… Tsunagi tomeru…?)
BAD Play Dyed in crimson... (紅に染まる… Kurenai ni somaru…?)
WIN This is the power of nine tails! (九尾の力ぞ! Kyuubi no chikara zo!?)
LOSE Before you even notice, surely... (いつしか必ず Itsushika kanarazu?)

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