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Tamako is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 5.


 Charisma cosmetics idol Tamako is fashionable, perky, and rather strict. As a matter of fact, she's really into Yamanba-style, but she can't really say it at the moment due to embarrassment.


Tamako is a "ganguro", a girl with tan skin, white makeup under her eyes, and violet-colored eyes. Her bottom teeth are strangely shown when closing her mouth. She has blonde hair that is tied into large, puffy pigtails. On her head, she has pink sharp horns and yellow hair pins that are crossed. Tamako wears a salmon-colored, stomach-peaked top. Tamako's accessories consist of a lime-green beaded necklace, round and large earrings, and yellow and green bang bracelets. She has white fingernail polish on her nails. Tamako has a cerulean miniskirt with a salmon, light pink, and white-themed flower on the left. An inverse "V" cut is shown on the right side of Tamako's skirt. Finally, Tamako wears white boots with tan-colored, five-inch soles.

Her 2P color palette consists that Tamako's hair color merges into a dark mint-green color. Her skin is peachy and her eyes are blue. The sections under her eyes and the fingernail polish remain, but her accessories provides a blue necklace, pink earrings, and blue and pink bracelets. Her top is yellow and her miniskirt is blue. The flower changes to blue and light blue. Her boots are yellow, but the soles remain the color in the original color palette.

NET Self[]

Attack (やっちゃえ?)
Damage (マジムカー?)
GOOD Play (超グッド?)
BAD Play (超バッド?)
WIN (よっしゃー?)
LOSE (超ベリバ!?)