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Takuto is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He wields a blue, diamond-shaped lapis.


The depressing reverberation that makes this world go mad.
That sound has gone, and I do not play the piano anymore...

Takuto is uncommonly quiet and unsociable. When he experienced an unknown, melancholic flashback, he was retired of becoming a pianist, until he spiritually encountered a piano ghost named Schall, who encouraged him to find the sound that he last heard. Although, his partner can't be seen by normal humans.

But in Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume, his younger self has a more cheerful, lighter personality than his present self.



Takuto is a boy with short, dark gray hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a school uniform that includes a dark, pale blue vest, a platinum-colored neck tie and a polo shirt. He also wears a pair of light blue pants, dark gray shoes and a brown watch worn on his left wrist. In his FEVER! and FEVER! Win animation, his appearance drastically changed; Takuto has a tattered, open shirt with a large white tie, light gray eyes and white hair with light gray highlights, while becoming very long and messy.

Takuto's 2P has light brown hair and brown eyes. His vest becomes pink, while his pants and tie are brown. His shoes are now black. His FEVER! and FEVER! Win animation has his hair highlighted in blond with white, and the scleroses of his eyes are black.


In his Usaneko appearance at his younger self, Takuto wears a white, short-sleeved shirt with blue lines, gray shorts with straps like a combination of overalls, a pair of pale red shoes, and knee length socks with grayish blue highlights.

Takuto's 2P gives him the same colors from Lapistoria, only this time his shirt and socks are grey with baby pink lining, while his shorts are light and his shoes become dark brown.


Schall was also alongside with Takuto, but he only appeared on her Miss, FEVER!, Win and Lose animations in Pop'n Music éclale.

Takuto seems to be wearing a dark blue tuxedo, having light blue sections on his bowtie and shirt with black collar accents. This only occurs in the Pop'n Music éclale vol.3 Card collection.

Character Comments

Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume:

Hey, do you like the piano too?
I will give you lots

NET Self

Attack Now shout!! (いま叫ぶ!! Ima sakebu!!?)
Damage I can't follow... (伝わんない… Tsutawan nai…?)
GOOD Play I am here (ここにいる Koko ni iru?)
BAD Play Ouch!!! (ゴスッ!!! Gossu!!!?)
WIN My own sound (自分だけの音 Jibun dake no oto?)
LOSE Isn't here anymore... (もういない… Mō inai…?)


  • Takuto shares a blue-diamond lapis with Roku, Yuzuru, and Wolfgang.
  • Takuto's birthdate is identical to Nicolas'.
  • Takuto received his own emote in the official Pop'n Music Twitter page, リN´Ծ_Ծ´).
  • As of his younger appearance in pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢, he is the first character so far to have his font maintain the colors from his debut, but altered into lowercase letters.





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