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ター子 Tā-ko


Tako (2P)

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Birthplace Osaka
Birthdate August 28
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Hobby Cheering the baseball team
Likes The streets of Osaka
Dislikes The high prices of wheat flour
(You guessed it)
First Appearance pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
Other Appearance(s) -
Theme(s) Naniwakko Boogie
Designer(s) shio

Taako is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪.


Her dad's Takoyaki is the best in Japan! Looks like you ate it. Taako's reputation is firm for even grown-ups
and the other shopping district adults too![1]


Taako is a young girl with brown hair, stylized into a side tail with a takoyaki sphere. She also has regular black eyes. Her outfit is a chartreuse shirt, blue bottoms, and sand-tannish sandals with orange straps. She usually wears a large, orange coat that labels "takoyaki" and an image of an octopus; and a fuchsia hand purse strapped around her neck.

Her 2P variant gives Taako dark brown eyes, and lilac-purple hair with her takoyaki accessory entirely pink. Her coat is blue, her sandals pink, her skirt pale-darkish green, and her hand purse orange.

NET Self

Attack Time to go~! (いっくでぇ~ Iku de~?)
Damage Ow! (わややわ Wayaya wa?)
GOOD Play It's all good! (ええねん! Ee nen!?)
BAD Play No way~ (あかん~ Akan~?)
WIN こんなもんや (Kon'na mon'ya?)
LOSE かなわんわ (Kanawan wa?)




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