Syo is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.


Once this shoot has been determined, I will convey my feelings to that girl!

Syo is a typical, but a introverted basketball player, who has a crush on an unknown girl at his school.


High-Speed Love Song

Syo has black eyes and dark brown hair with a shaggy and combed style. On his neck is a cloth, either a shirt or sweater. Syo's attire consists of a basketball team outfit, including a red jersey and shorts. There are blue sections that match his wristbands. There is a number "14" on the center of Syo's jersey. Finally, he usually holds a basketball, and wears a pair of black sneakers and socks, as the bandage was on his left knee, stating that he has a scrape or cut. His original color palette is continuously confirmed in Love so sweet, from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪, and The Other self from Pop'n Music Lapistoria.

In his 2P color palette, Syo's hair color changes into a velvet red color and his eyes are dark indigo. Syo's jersey is cerulean, the font is lightly yellow, and the sneakers are the darker version of teal. The basketball that Syo is holding is slightly shaded into the dark orange color.

On Your Mark

Syo gains another basketball uniform, but it was blue with red sections and the number "4" printed now.He has matching tennis shoes, black stockings that only show half of his legs, and a red wristband, located in his right wrist, with a matching headband.


Syo's basketball attire is hidden with a blue-themed jogging suit, while his scarf and black shoes are kept. This is shown in the Change card from the Pop'n Music Sunny Park Card Collection.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music Lapistoria:
My world began to spin around vividly.
All of the beginning, I saw you from that day!

NET Self

Attack Blame yourself (せめるぜぇ Semuru zee?)
Damage Please stop! (やめろよもー Yamero yomooo?)
GOOD Play Yes! (よっしゃあ! Yooshaa!?)
BAD Play I don't believe it! (ありえねーな Arieneena?)
WIN OK! (よしっ! Yoshi!?)
LOSE Hey hey... (おいおい・・・ Oioi...?)


  • Syo's birthdate is identical to CanCam's.
    • Syo's birthdate is the same as that of Shou Sakurai.
  • The number 14 on Syo's jersey represents Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!'s release.





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