シルヴィー Shiruvuī


SylvieBanner 2P
Sylvie 2P

SylvieIcon SylvieIcon 2P
Birthplace United Kingdom
Birthdate October 6th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Hobby Bath time
Relative(s) Boy
Likes Himself
Dislikes Being defeated. "Defeating me is not allowed!"
First Appearance pop'n music 2 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 7 CS
Theme(s) New Wave
Designer(s) p-cat

Sylvie is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 2.


A narcissist who started a one-sided rivalry with Boy after losing at a game tournament.
He's pretty much in 3rd place, though he hasn't seemed to notice...

Sylvie is highly narcissistic and stubborn, seeing that he made Boy his rival after losing to him in a tournament, and challenges him to a game whenever he can. Though he insists he came in third place, Boy immediately states after in his Pop'n Music 2 CS character comment that he lost in the first round. When defeated in his omake, he gets irrationally furious, showing a sensitive and melodramatic side. He is generally rude and uses ore with strangers.


Sylvie has pale skin and blond hair parted to the side and appears to have blue eyes. He wears a black, purple-tinted suit with matching shoes, a red-orange collar, purple eyeshadow, and a pair of blue tinted glasses. His original palette is used once more in Melancholy.

In his 2P palette his hair is light blond and his skin is peach colored, while his glasses and eye color remain the same. His suit is all white, and his turtleneck and shoes keep their color. His eyeshadow is the same as his hair color.

NET Self

Attack Go! (いけっ! Ikee!?)
Damage Argh! (くっ! Kuu!?)
GOOD Play Alright! (よし! Yoshi!?)
BAD Play Argh! (くっ! Kuu!?)
WIN Hahahaa (ふふふっ Fufufuu?)
LOSE Drat... (ちっ・・ Chii...?)

Chara Deco

1 heart (acquaintance) Narcissist (ナルシスト Narushisuto?)
5 heart (kinda getting along) Game tournament (ゲーム大会 Gēmu taikai?)
10 heart (friends) Hahahaa (ふふふっ Fufufuu?)
15 heart (Poptomo) Drat.. (ちっ・・ Chii..?)
20 heart (really getting along) Unacceptable!! (許されない!! Yurusarenai!!?)
25 heart (deep relationship) Defeat (敗北 Haiboku?)

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Hahaaah! After many years! I... still can't beat that guy!


  • Sylvie's birthdate is identical to Pelo's.
    • Sylvie's birthdate coincides with the release date of the Game Gear.
  • Many of Sylvie's animations are shared with Boy.
  • Although Sylvie's card shows his 1P portrait, it uses his 2P name banner instead.
  • Boy and Sylvie's rivalry refers to the rivalry between Nintendo and SEGA.
    • His narcissism is derived from the SEGA Game Gear's aggressive marketing and confidence, a notable example being the commercial "Bright Beautiful Color."
    • His loss in a tournament is a reference to the Game Boy beating the Game Gear.
  • Sylvie is based on Japan's David Sylvian, a former new wave artist from England who would dress in drag.
    • Boy's old Japanese name is derived from David Bowie, who was often compared to David Sylvian.






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