スペース@マコ Supeisu@Mako


Space Maco

Space Maco (2P)


Space Maco 10 IconSpace Maco IconSpace Maco 2P Icon
Birthplace Japan? (Her real home is the Marchen Kingdom)
Birthdate October 14th
Gender Female
Race Human, Space Heroine
Eye Color Cerulean
Hair Color Cerulean
Hobby To love
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Secrets
Dislikes Being stuck with some strange feelings
First Appearance pop'n stage
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 5, pop'n music 10, pop'n music portable 2
Theme(s) Anime Heroine, すきすきソング
Designer(s) tera (Suki Suki Song)

Space Maco is one of the characters of Pop'n Stage. She is first shown as a cameo in The King's Great, FEVER!, and WIN animations, with her name unknown. Later in Pop'n Stage, the name "Space Maco" was given.


A lucky girl who was chosen to be the Marchen Kingdom's messenger, her hair color likely being the reason. Even today, she's protecting the Earth with her magical powers. Recently, she's been rumored to be chasing after something in America...

Space Maco is a magical space heroine, who fell in love with The King after accidentally bumping into him. Maco even protects him from an evil long-armed demon.


Anime Heroine

Space Maco appears with cerulean-colored eyes that matches her hair color. Her hair was formed into large pigtails that are tied into orange beaded hairbows. She wears a baby pink-bloused dress with her yellow-orange star pendant. She has two orange hairbows that matches her orange shoes and beads on her white socks. Pretty is shown on her debut.

In a 2P color palette, Space Maco's hair was transformed into a lime green color, her dress was lilac, the pendant was blue (but the star remain yellow), and the shoes and beads turn baby blue, especially Pretty turns lilac. Space Maco's eyes are light blue instead of cerulean.


Space Maco have her apparel strikingly similar to her debut, but her shoes, beads, and hair bows are red. The star pendant is colored white.


Space Maco makes every cameo in The King's Win/FEVER Win animations, starting at Pop'n Music 3. She often makes cameos in his FEVER! animations and in his Great animation once.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Ah! You found me!
I've been chasing King-sama
So I've come here
It was in secret to everyone.

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia Soreyuke! Pop'n Quest

When requesting

Many girls have begun to open their magical doors to find love.
Could you open the magical door and find me?

Request achieved

You did a splendid job finding me.
But I'm sorry. My magical door has already been opened by King-sama☆


  • Space Maco has her own website, making her one of the few characters to have their own websites in the Special Page.
  • On the Pop'n Stage and Pop'n Music 5 websites, Space Maco's @ symbol is replaced with a star (★) in both her actual name and the song's title.
  • Her love interest is The King.
  • The villain on Space Maco's two-page manga looks identical to Chamel.





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